Jay Lethal Addresses TNA Release, Orlando Jordan Rants, More

-- Orlando Jordan stated on Twitter that the date numerous websites have listed as his birthday July 10, 1971 is wrong as today is his birthday and he was born in 1974.

"There's no better time than today 2 clear up a rumor or 2 that's been set in stone all over the internet web sites..Lol TODAY is my BIRTHDAY!

"On wiki and the Imdb it says that my Bday is July 10th 1971.. Well no I was born APRIL 21st 1974 which is funny cuz no1 ever believes me WTF

"So! thats the last time I'll evr say my birthday publicly again lol and the other thing lmao YES I DO DATE CHICKS... BECAUSE IM BISEXUAL!!!

"How is it that some random person can put false facts in sites but when my manager has official documents they still won't change!!

"lmao of course I'll date a dude! Wat am I going to do today well right now I'm going to put in few hours of GOD OF WAR 3 sick ass game yo!!"

-- Jay Lethal, who was released Wednesday by TNA Wrestling, commented on his departure from the organization on Twitter.

"While I am sad that my time with TNA has ended, I am looking forward to this next chapter of my career. Oooooh yeahh! Now taking booking."

Also note, Lethal celebrated his 26th birthday yesterday (Wednesday).

Josh Gentry contributed to this article.


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