Nash On TNA Return, TNA's Latest Publicity Stunt, JB Talks TNA's UK Success

-- Kevin Nash commented on a return to TNA on his Twitter, writing, "I'm staying put.One Rumble moment was more Satisfying than the 5 years at TNA."

-- Jeremy Borash spoke to The Wrestling Press about the relationship between TNA and the United Kingdom. "The success we have had over here in the UK speaks volumes to other parts of the world. When we show our product to a new set of fans or when we leave the US it's always important to us that we give the best show possible. The fan base here in the UK is honestly second to none," said Borash. "Our programming is now being distributed to 120 countries and that's fantastic. Here in the UK is the only place that we are beating our competition (WWE) in the ratings so that's great." You can read the full interview at this link.

-- TNA Wrestling Founder Jeff Jarrett has taken his campaign against "freeloading Brits" to a new level, by criticizing the Royal Wedding. In an exclusive interview with the UK's Daily Star newspaper, Jeff slammed William and Kate and challenged them to a match against himself and wife Karen. Jeff told the paper's Patrick Lennon, "I've always said Britain is full of freeloaders, but these two are the biggest pair of spongers I've ever laid eyes on.

"In my great country, the United States of America, we don't waste money on useless phony families, their ridiculous weddings and the divorces that always follow," he continued. "If you want to see a real princess then take a look at my lovely wife Karen. She has it all looks, class, poise and, most importantly, a JOB!

"When Will and Kate are on their FREE honeymoon, they should stop off in the beautiful city of Orlando and take us on in a tag team match to decide who the real Royal couple are."

You can read the full interview, and see pics of Jeff and Karen, by clicking here. You can also go to for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.

Devin Cutting and Bob Lendzinski contributed to this article.


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