Trish Stratus Speaks Out - WrestleMania, Tough Enough

Trish Stratus recently did an interview with John Pollock of The Fight Network about her return, WWE Tough Enough and WrestleMania 27. Here are some highlights:

On the six-person tag match at WrestleMania 27: "I think in this case, it will be about the story. Vickie Guerrero and I have a little heat going on right now and me and Lay-Cool, so we'll play that up. Then, the boys, Dolph and Morrison, I'm sure will have a great showing. And maybe Morrison and I might pull out some cool twisty, turny moves."

On the new season of Tough Enough: "Although it's going to have bits from the old show, it's a new show with a different feel to it. The approach is a little different. Some of the contestants have wrestling background and the show has a different production feel to it. USA Network is really embracing it."


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