Partial Source: Pwinsider

— Here is a video of Drew Carey discussing his WWE Hall of Fame induction:

Brian Webster sent this one in:

Drew Carey made an appearance on George Lopez on Tuesday night on TBS. They started talking about the WWE Hall of Fame very early on in the interview, as it was actually the second topic after how The Price is Right is doing. The exchange went like this:

Lopez: So I found this interesting. You’re being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Drew Carey in the Hall of Fame!

Carey: (grunts and poses as he walks towards one of the cameras)

Lopez: How does that happen?

Carey: The WWE Hall of Fame doesn’t actually exist anywhere. There’s no building if you want to go visit it. And all it is, is they, I don’t know, they started it not even that long ago, they started it in the 90s, and they started inducting, you know, wrestlers, famous wrestlers, but also for publicity purposes, to get people to watch the ceremony and stuff, they, or to help get people to watch that aren’t wrestling fans, they induct celebrities. Bob Uecker’s in it. Pete Rose is in it. William “Refrigerator” Perry’s in it.

Lopez: You!

Carey: And me! Yeah! I wrestled Kane in Royal Rumble.

Lopez: You guys know Kane?

Audience: (applause)

Carey: Yeah. This guy’s about 7ft tall and he’s like, we worked out the move ahead of time, but believe me that guy is strong as an ox. He put his hands on my shoulders, right, like he was choking me and then I put my hands on his forearms and then he was like this and he lifted me up. This is when I was fat!

Lopez: HAHA!

Carey: Like, you know, you do arm raises in the gym…

Lopez: He just curled you.

Carey: … and you got 10lb weights or something like that or 15lb weights and you’re like “ah my shoulders.” He did that, he picked me up when I was fat! That was like 230lbs of me he picked up!

Lopez: You remember when he was fat? That’s a lift right there!

Carey: Yeah man.

Lopez: With no belt! With no hernia belt!

Carey: No, nothing man! It was just him in his like wrestling clothes.

Lopez: Wow!

Carey: (sarcastically) So I did that. So I certainly deserve to be in the Hall of Fame for that!

Lopez: Yeah for that! For being snatched up!

Audience: (applause)