WrestleMania 27: Jerry Lawler Vs. Michael Cole

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Booker T and Jim Ross are introduced to call the match. As JR made his way to the ring, Michael Cole, in a bright orange outfit, interrupted. Cole ripped JR for waddling to the ring. Cole said that Jerry Lawler had the biggest ego in the world, and ripped into JR and Lawler. He said once he wins tonight, JP will have to proclaim him the "new Mr. WrestleMania." Jack Swagger's hit and he makes his way to the ring.

"Stone Cold's" music hits and he comes out in a mini-jeep and almost hits Swagger on the way down. He then chases Cole, and Cole seeks shelter in his glass shield. Jerry Lawler's music hits and we're off.

Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole

Lawler is in the ring while Cole is acting the fool in his glass pod, doing jumping jacks and stretches. Lawler went out of the ring, Swagger tried to ambush him but Lawler caught him, beat him up a bit and threw him into the ringside barrier. Lawler then went over to Cole's glass pod, and Cole was begging for forgiveness and extended his hand through a hole in the class. Lawler grabbed Cole's hand and started ramming Cole's head into the glass. Lawler then went inside the pod and beat on Cole while throwing him into the glass.

Lawler got Cole out of the pod and threw him into the "GM" podium. Lawler threw Cole in the ring and Austin turned his attention to Cole. While this was happening, Swagger nailed Lawler with a cheap shot outside of the ring. Lawler slowly got up to his feet and Cole hit King with a baseball slide. Cole got Austin's attention, and Swagger applied the ankle lock on Lawler for several seconds.

Lawler got in the ring and Cole started working over Lawler's leg. He applied some weak looking offense while Swagger looked on from ringside. Cole went for Swagger's splash off of the ropes, but hesitated for awhile and then went to the first turnbuckle and dropped a terrible looking splash for a two count. I'm having flashbacks of Bret Hart - Vince McMahon from last year's 'Mania right now.

Cole put Lawler in an ankle lock while Lawler winced in pain. Lawler kicked Cole off and then started stomping into Cole in the corner. Swagger threw in a towel. Austin wiped his head with the towel and threw it at Swagger. Swagger got in the ring and started complaining. Austin planted Swagger with a stunner and sent him outside of the ring.

Michael Cole started getting up and pleaded with Austin to stop the match. Cole started putting his finger in Austin's chest. Lawler nailed Cole with several right hands and a fistdrop. Lawler continued with the right hands as the crowd chanted "Jerry." Lawler got Cole up and planted him with a dropkick. Lawler went to the second rope, dropped his strap and landed a fistdrop. Lawler went for the cover, but stopped the count at two and got Cole up. Lawler then applied the ankle lock and Cole was tapping like crazy, but Austin wasn't acknowledging it. Finally Austin called for the bell.

Jerry Lawler defeated Michael Cole via submission with the ankle lock.

After the match, Swagger carried Cole to the back. Austin's music hit and he grabbed some beers and celebrated with Austin. Booker T came in the ring, saying he wanted in on the celebration. Booker T then motioned for the spinaroonie, hit it and got a high five from Austin. Austin gave Booker a beer, toasted him and then hit Booker T with a stunner. Austin called for more beers and he and Lawler celebrated some more.

The RAW GM chimes in and Josh Matthews takes the podium. The GM says that the referee got physically involved with the match, and reversed the decision, awarding the bout to Michael Cole via DQ. Lawler approached Matthews, who said he was just reading the email. The crowd starting chanting "bullsh-t." Lawler asked Matthews to read it again, which Matthews did. Lawler grabbed Matthews and threw him into the ring, where he was met with a stunner of his own.

Michael Cole defeated Jerry Lawler via disqualification.

Austin's music hit again and he rode off in his jeep. Lawler took his seat next to Jim Ross as they went to a recap of the weekend.


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