WWE RAW Results (4/25): WWE Draft, Who Went Where?

Tonight's Raw opened with a Smackdown versus Raw 20 Man Battle Royal. Raw was represented by The Great Khali, Mark Henry, U.S. Champion Sheamus, Yoshi Tatsu, Evan Bourne, Daniel Bryan, Santino, Koslov, Ted Dibiase and Mason Ryan. Smackdown had Tag Champs Big Show & Kane, Brodus Clay, Chris Masters, Heath Slater, Ezekiel Jackson, Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre, and Kofi Kingston. Kane was the first to be eliminated, followed by a quadruple team on Khali to eliminate him. Koslov was the next to go, followed by Ezekiel Jackson. Heath Slater & Chris Masters was removed by Mark Henry. Wade Barrett was eliminated by Dibiase, and then he was eliminated by Kofi. Mark Henry took himself out by eliminating Brodus Clay. Yoshi Tatsu elimianted by Big Show. McIntyre eliminates Sheamus. McIntyre tried to eliminate Bourne, but eliminated himself instead. In an hilarious moment, Santino tried to give the Big Show the Cobra, but Show caught his arm and gave Santino his own Cobra, eliminating him, which even brought a smile to Show's face. Rhodes is the next to go being thrown out by Mason Ryan. And Daniel Bryan is thrown out by Kofi Kingston. The final four, believe it or not, is Big Show & Kofi Kingston for Smackdown, and Mason Ryan and Evan Bourne for Raw. Bourne tried to go upstairs, but was caught by Show and thrown out. Kofi lands a kick to the head of Ryan and Show throws him over for the win.

Winner: Smackdown gets the first draft pick.

Raw Superstar Drafted to Smackdown: John Cena drafted to Smackdown

Smackdown loves it, the guys of Raw are disappointed. And it looks like Cena has to change the color of his shirt from fruity pebbles red to blue. And we have another commercial break.

Back from break, Grisham interviews Cena, who is fired up and quotes a bunch of movie lines and name drops North Carolina, and even quotes the Rock a little bit. He then talks about Extreme Rules, winning the title and bringing it back to Smackdown. But Miz shows up, he says "You're right, after Extreme Rules this Sunday, I can't see you!" as he gives Cena's hand motion.

Matthews and Lawler talk about if Cena wins the title and takes it to Smackdown, but Cole interrupts and he's wearing his cheetoh orange hoodie that says Team Cole on it. He announces a match for later tonight between him and JR and apparently it is the main event. Back to Matthews and Lawler, and they talk about R-Truth from last week and they roll the clip.

After the clip, R-Truth is called out without entrance music, and he gets a lot of heat from the crowd. He name drops Ralleigh North Carolina and then tells the crowd to shut up. The crowd gives him the what chant, which enrages Truth a couple times. He talks about Morrison, that he challenged him because of the fans, that he accepted because of the fans, and that he lost because of the fans. He has a crazy "little Jimmy" moment here. He complains that he came out trying to please the crowd and it got him nowhere. He tells off the fans and gets a nice large boo from the crowd. He says the truth has set him free and he gets jumped from behind by Morrison. The fight goes for a moment down the ramp until officials come out to pull Morrison off him, not once or twice, but three times till we go to commercial.

Back from break to a third video promo for Kharma, this time Kong actually takes off the head and we see her face. She laughs as the clip ends on the "HARM" within her name and it closes out on Kharma.

Eve vs Layla (Diva's Match Winner gets the next draft pick)

Michelle comes out a moment after Layla, and they show the replay of the beating she gave Layla last week on Smackdown. Eve is in her usual red wrestling gear as only Layla is wearing a blue Smackdown shirt. As Michelle is taunting Layla, Cole grabs the mic and interrupts once again. Right after this, Eve gets a quick roll up on Layla to win the match. Cole is ranting as he is going up the ramp, stating he has to go prepare for his match, saying
Mr. Wrestlemania" has left ringside.

Winner: Eve Raw gets the draft pick

Smackdown Superstar drafted to Raw: Rey Mysterio

Postmatch: Before the draft pick is even announced, Michelle tries to throw down Layla, who fights back and slams Michelle into the barricade at ringside two times before slamming her head into the ring apron. She stands there crying before throwing Michelle into the laps of Matthews & Lawler at the commentary table. Then the draft pick is announced. (See above.)

Backstage, some of the Raw superstars are happy at the pick as Rey comes out to some love from the Raw crowd. So as of right now, Raw has both of the masked high flying warriors. They then show JR loosening up backstage in a Sooner's jersey before we go to commercial break.

Back from break, Grisham is interviewing not Mysterio, but Cody Rhodes. Cody says that he is going to give Rey a going away present at Extreme Rules, saying its going to be a new mask.

Kofi Kingston vs U.S. Champ Sheamus (non-title; winner gets next draft pick)

Sheamus takes it to Kofi early on beating him down into the corner. He hits a flying shoulder block from over the top rope and gets a 2 count. The momentum changes when Sheamus tries to ram Kofi in the corner, but Kofi ducks it and Sheamus runs into the ringpost. Kofi then this a flying crossbody from upstairs and gets a 2 count. Kofi hammers Sheamus in the corner, but Sheamus comes right back with a double axe handle to the head of Kofi. He tries for the Irish Cross, but Kofi wiggles out of it. Sheamus aims the Brogue kick and misses, and Kofi hits his Trouble in Paradise twice to get the pinfall, the win, and the next draft pick.

Winner: Kofi Kingston Next draft pick to Smackdown

Raw Superstar drafted to Smackdown: Randy Orton

The Smackdown roster, including John Cena are happy that they get the next pick, doing Kofi's notion for the TIP. And are even more ecstatic when they learn it's Randy Orton. He comes out to the stage to a large pop from the crowd, and appears rather happy about going to the Blue Brand. And we have another commercial break.

JR vs Michael Cole w/Jack Swagger (no draft pick involved)

Back from break and Cole comes out to the ring in a red jersey, with Swagger wearing his team Smackdown shirt. And Cole is announced by Chimel as Sir and as the voice of the WWE. Booker is now at the commentary table with Matthews & Lawler. May have to assume Lawler will be leaving momentarily. JR comes out next to some love from the crowd. Lawler does leave the commentary table to go stand in JR's corner. Cole starts the match by taunting the legend, taking jabs at his robust exterior. Cole goes back to his corner to waste time and delay the match. He taunts the legend as JR is ready to take a swing at him. Cole then exits the ring and grabs JR's hat, putting it on before going back into the ring. He continues to taunt him as he stomps on his hat. Back to the corner to be toweled off and waste more time as he does a few push ups. JR finally gets his hands on him as he grabs Cole's jersey and shoves him to the corner. All of a sudden, its like the movie Rocky as Swagger places a small stool in his corner and cools off Cole, who runs in and tries to pick up JR for a body slam. But the legend just falls on him, and lands a few punches of his own. Cole gets free and exits the ring, only to be thrown back in by Lawler and get a few more punches from JR. And Swagger comes around, running Lawler's head into the ringpost before slamming him into the barricade. He then goes into the ring and starts beating on JR to end the match in a DQ.

Winner: JR via the DQ

Postmatch: Swagger kicks JR in his ankle naturally, before taunting him and placing him in the ankle lock. Cole's lip is a bloody mess now. Swagger takes off JR's belt, places him back in the ankle lock as Cole whips him with his belt. Lawler comes back in, pushes Cole down, and takes Swagger out over the top rope. He turns to Cole as he grabs JR's belt, grabs Cole's foot, and then beats whips him a few times before Cole escapes the ring. The GM chimes in, as Matthews takes to the laptop. JR is back up with his cheek cut, as Matthews announces the stipulation to their match at Extreme Rules. (Finally!) It will be a tag team country whipping match. Much to JR & Lawlers approval.

Scott Standford is backstage with Miz and Alex Riley, who takes the mic, turns the logo upside down and hands it back to him. Miz doesn't think anyone wants to talk about him, its all about the draft, the triple threat match, or Rock's birthday. He complains again about the match this Sunday where he could lose the title without being pinned. He says that everyone should be praying that he doesn't get drafted to Smackdown, and if he does, Raw will get cancelled. He does his awesome catchphrase, and we go to break.

Back from break to highlights of Orton versus Punk from last week, including the Nexus beating after the match, as well as the RKO from out of nowhere.

Smackdown's Randy Orton vs Raw's Dolph Ziggler (Winner gets 2 Draft picks)
Back from break as both are in the ring. Lawler is back at the commentary table, Cole is still backstage. I had to specify the members just so there's no confusion. Ziggler gets control early after hitting a neckbreaker and a two count. Orton answers the chant for him by fighting back with a headbutt & a few fists, getting Ziggler to the outside & consoled by Vickie at ringside. Ziggler lands a thumb to the eye and hits him with a dropkick sending Orton over the barricade into the crowd. Orton makes it back into the ring before the count and takes it back to Ziggler. He coils up and despite a momentary distraction from Vickie, he hits the RKO for the win and the two draft picks.

Winner: Randy Orton Smackdown gets TWO draft picks

Raw Superstars drafted to Smackdown: Mark Henry & Sin Cara

Postmatch: The randomizer is going, but is interrupted by CM Punk to come out and talk about his match with Orton at Extreme Rules, which will be a Last Man Standing match. The draft picks come after the break.

Back from break and they show the two Raw superstars going to Smackdown. (See above.) So much for my earlier statement after Rey was drafted.

Smackdown's IC Champ Wade Barrett vs Raw's Rey Mysterio (Non-title; Winner gets TWO draft picks)

Speaking of Mysterio, he comes out after Wade Barrett, who comes out alone without any of his Corre-horts. Wade lands several kicks before throwing him into the corner. He picks him up but Rey hops out of it and lands a kick before being slammed into the mat, followed by a two count. Rey mounts a comeback, hitting the 619 and a splash, getting the pinfall and the two draft picks for Raw.

Winner: Rey Mysterio Raw gets two draft picks

Smackdown Superstars drafted to Raw: Tag Team Champ Big Show & Alberto Del Rio

Big Show comes to the stage, very happy and to a large pop from the crowd. Alberto doesn't as he is backstage arguing with Ricardo & Brodus. He speaks to Ricardo in spanish, and Brodus interrupts asking "What about me?!" Del Rio hands his Smackdown shirt to Ricardo and walks off as we go to break.

Back from break and Cole is back at ringside, speaking with a swollen lip. They take a few moments to talk about ALL the matches at Extreme Rules. Smackdown GM Teddy Long comes to the stage to announce the main event which is a 6 man tag team match for the final draft pick. From Raw, CM Punk, Del Rio, and Miz versus Christian, Mark Henry, and John Cena from Smackdown, and it's coming up next.

WWE Champ The Miz (w/Alex Riley), CM Punk, & Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena, Mark Henry, & Christian (Winner gets final draft pick for the night.)
First out is The Miz with Riley in tow. They're getting in the ring as we go to commercial.

Back from break and Miz is still the only one of the 6 from the match that is in the ring. They announce that the draft will still continue tomorrow, most likely from the internet. CM Punk is the next one out followed by Del Rio. Christian is out next to a large pop from the crowd, with Mark Henry out next, followed by John Cena getting the largest pop from the crowd tonight. He goes out to a person at ringside holding a "John Cena is Monday Night Raw" sign and says "I'm Smackdown now." LOL Christian and Miz start things off. Christian takes it to Miz before tagging in Cena, as Miz runs out of the ring for cover. And we get another commercial break.

Back from break as Cena hits Miz with a suplex, who then tags in Punk. Cena nails him with a pair of hip tosses and a dropkick, before pushing Punk to his corner and tags in Henry, who beats down Punk before tagging in Christian. He nails him with a flying shoulder block from the second rope and sets up for the killswitch. But Punk kicks him and goes for the GTS. Christian wiggles out of it and goes for the killswitch again, but Del Rio causes a distraction which allows Punk to kick Christian in the head before tagging in Del Rio, who comes in bounces off the ropes, and kicks Christian and gets a 2 count. He then lands a few more kicks on Christian before being pushed off by the ref. Del Rio throws him into the corner, runs in, steps up to the second rope and lands a kick to Christian's arm before tagging in Miz. He gives Christian a boot to the head before getting a 2 count cover. Christian powers out of a chinlock before being hammered back down by Miz who then tags in Punk. He lands a few kicks and a leg drop on Christian before getting a 2 count. He throws Christian into the corner before tagging in Miz as he continues the beatdown on Christian. He throws him into the corner and lands his patented clothesline before tagging in Del Rio. He continues to work over Christian's arm, softening it up for his cross arm breaker. He takes Christian to the corner, up to the second rope, but Christian fights back, hammering him back to mat. Del Rio comes back, but Christian takes him down with a DDT. Del Rio tags in Miz as Christian finally makes a tag to Cena who comes in a house afire. He ducks a clothesline and hits him with a pair of shoulder blocks. He picks him up, slams him to the canvas, gives the "You Can't See Me" motion to Punk, and runs into a clothesline from Mark Henry. Not a typo, Mark Henry hits a clothesline, exits the ring, and hits Christian with a World's Most Strongest Slam ontot he steps. Miz gets up and hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Cena for the win and the draft pick.

Winner: Miz, Punk, & Del Rio, gets the draft pick
Smackdown Superstar drafted to Raw: John Cena

Postmatch: The look on Miz face when Cena's face appears, was priceless. Cena comes back in the ring and cleans house. He knocks down Riley, hits Del Rio on the apron. He gives Punk & Miz a double clothesline, and hits them each with another clothesline before hitting Miz with the Five Knuckle Shuffle. He picks up Miz for the AA, but instead throws them onto Punk, Del Rio, Riley, and Ricardo at ringside. He then puts the Raw shirt back on. So much for changing his fruity pebbles shirt. He celebrates in the ring as the show closes.


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