WWE WrestleMania XXVII Results

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Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus for the U.S. title with lumberjacks was a no-contest. Teddy Long turned the match into a battle royal, which was won by The Great Khali.

WrestleMania 27 is now underway. Keri Wilson opens by singing "America The Beautiful" before the opening video package is shown.

A WrestleMania video package is shown introducing The Rock. The Rock's music hits and we're off as The Rock makes his way to the ring!


The Rock looks a little overwhelmed before he begins his promo. He opens by saying "Finally the Rock has come back to Atlanta," and "Finally the Rock has come back to WrestleMania." He promises that tonight will be the most electrifying WrestleMania of all time. He makes a crack at Cena, saying he "trying to figure out which rainbow fruity pebbles shirt to wear tonight." A "Fruity Pebbles" chant breaks out. The Rock continues to hype tonight's show and has the crowd get on their feet and finish his catchphrase, "if you smell what the Rock is cooking."

The WrestleMania opening video package is shown with highlights from past WrestleMania's before showing the stars competing tonight. The pyro hits and we're off... again! We open with the World Heavyweight Championship match.

Michael Cole, Josh Matthews and Jerry Lawler are doing commentary. Cole is in his glass shield.

World Heavyweight Championship
Edge (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio

Brodus Clay is in Del Rio's corner. Christian's music hits and he will be in Edge's corner tonight and he makes his way to ringside. Edge's music hits and he comes out to a huge pop.

It was noted that this is the first time that WrestleMania has opened with a World title match.


Edge takes the early advantage with a back body drop, but it's short lived after Del Rio hits Edge with a kick.

Late in the match, Edge went for a spear but missed and Clay pulled Edge into the corner. Del Rio locked the arm-bar submission in the center of the ring, but Edge was able to break out and roll Del Rio up for the cover, but only got two. Edge locked in a submission of his own. Clay got on the apron but Christian DDT'd him to the outside. Del Rio was able to get out of the submission, but was hit by a spear and Edge got the pin. Decent opener, but with the World title so devalued, it might be time for WWE to unify the WWE and World championships.

Edge defeated Alberto Del Rio via pinfall to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

After the match, Edge headed up the ramp and stopped at Del Rio's limo. Edge put the World title belt on the hood and went to kick the limo, stopped and then ended up kicking away at the limo, climbing to the top and dropping an elbow. Christian emerged with a lead pipe and gave Edge a crowbar, and Edge proceeded to smash up with limo. Edge finished by holding up the belt on top of the limo. Edge heads to the back and Del Rio went to the limo and wept.


A Tough Enough promo aired.

Michael Cole starts egging Lawler on, Cody Rhodes music hits and we're off to the next match.

Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes

Rhodes hit the ring first. Mysterio came out to a "Captain America" themed outfit.

Mysterio started off fast and hit a flying hurricarana from the top rope. Rhodes quickly turned the tide and worked Mysterio over with kicks and punches.

Rhodes continued to dominate the match. At one point, Rhodes got Mysterio up on the top rope and held him up in a suplex on the top for awhile before finally landing the superplex. Mysterio managed to turn the tide for a little bit, only for Rhodes to regain control of the match.

Late in the match, Rhodes pulled up Mysterio's tights to expose Mysterio's knee brace. Rhodes took off the knee brace, and was met with a moonsault from the top rope. Mysterio then loosened Rhodes mask and it fell off. Mysterio hit a 619 on Rhodes' exposed face. He went for the splash from the top rope, but Rhodes got his knees up and Mysterio stopped short.

Mysterio put on Rhodes' mask and nailed him with several flying headbutts. He landed a headbutt to Rhodes heart and got a two count. Rhodes rolled outside and Mysterio went to dive on Rhodes, but Rhodes nailed Mysterio with the knee brace. Rhodes got back in the ring, hit "Cross Rhodes" and got the win.


Cody Rhodes defeated Rey Mysterio via pinfall.

Rhodes took his mask back and headed to the back while covering his face with the mask.

Snoop Dogg was backstage asking Teddy Long for some talent for his upcoming tour. They did an audition skit, and William Regal came out and did a dead pan rap. Great Khali and Beth Phoenix were next, followed by Zack Ryder. Roddy Piper got behind Ryder and cracked him with a coconut. Chris Masters and Yoshi Tatsu were next. Tatsu sang "We will rock you" while Masters flexed his pecks. Hornswoggle is next and squealed for a bit, and Snoop said they had a winner. Long informed Snood that Hornswoggle couldn't speak and they said that they need to get out of there. Some hip-hop music and Hornswoggle started rapping and the Bellas came out and started dancing.

The 8-man tag is up next, so it looks like they moved this match up.

8-man tag team match
Kane, Big Show, Santino Marella, and Kofi Kingston vs. The Corre

Santino and Slater started the match for their teams. Big Show was quickly tagged in and worked Slater over before Ezikiel came in and took Show down. All the wrestlers joined the fray. Santino hit the Cobra on Slater, Big Show followed up with a big punch and pinned Slater with everyone else on the outside. The match was about 2-3 minutes long.


Kane, Big Show, Santino Marella, and Kofi Kingston defeated The Corre after Big Show pinned Slater.

The Rock is backstage with Eve and tells her that he can create magical moments whenever he wants. He said he'll make a magic moment with whomever walks by next. Cue May Young, who tells Rock that she wants "The People's Strudle." The Rock made some age jokes and then asked Eve to escort May to ringside. May Young patted Rock on the butt and left. Rock explained, "It couldn't be anyone else!" Cue Steve Austin. They had a brief staredown, said it was good to see each other and shook hands. End of segment.

CM Punk vs. Randy Orton

Punk sent the opening moments of the match working over Orton's injured leg. Punk went for the GTS, Orton was able to squirm out but was met with a kick to the face.

I'm not sure if it's a mic issue, but the crowd has been pretty quiet since the opening match.

Orton was able to catch Punk on the top rope and hit a top rope superplex to change the tide of the match. It was short-lived, as Punk gained control again and applied a figure four on the corner post.

Punk continued to work over the injured knee. Orton managed to break free and hit Punk with several clothelines and a power slam. He started teeing off on Punk's head and hit a side suplex for a two count.


Orton hit Punk with a DDT on the ropes. He started stomping the mat and signaled for the punt. Orton went for the punt, but his knee gave out on him. Punk started smiling and got back to his feet. As Punk started walking over, Orton managed to get Punk ready for the RKO, but Punk slid out.

Punk then climbed to the top rope and came flying at Orton, who transitioned the move into an RKO, flooring Punk and allowing Orton to get the pin. Good match, but lacked crowd heat until the end.

Randy Orton defeated CM Punk via pinfall.

The Rock is backstage with Gene Okerlund and says it might get ugly because he heard that John Cena's #1 fan is there to confront him. Okerlund tells him that he's already here. Rock turns around and it's Pee Wee Herman. Rock asks Pee Wee if he wants to be on the Fruit Loop troop or Team Bring It. Okerlund comes out in Cena gear and Pee Wee laughs. Pee Wee says he wants to be on "Team Bring It," says "if you smell what Pee Wee is cookin'," and Rock welcomes him to Team Bring It.

A promo for The History of WrestleMania DVD set aired.

The 2011 Hall of Fame class is introduced. Abduallah the Butcher is introduced first, decked out in a suit. That was weird. Sunny, The Road Warriors, Drew Carey (to boos), Bob Armstrong and Jim Duggan are introduced. There is a pause, and Shawn Michaels' music hits. He dances his way to the center of the stage. HBK soaks in the appreciation from the crowd. The Hall of Fame music hits again. It's announced that the Hall of Fame will air tomorrow night before RAW.


Booker T and Jim Ross are introduced to call the match. As JR made his way to the ring, Michael Cole, in a bright orange outfit, interrupted. Cole ripped JR for waddling to the ring. Cole said that Jerry Lawler had the biggest ego in the world, and ripped into JR and Lawler. He said once he wins tonight, JP will have to proclaim him the "new Mr. WrestleMania." Jack Swagger's hit and he makes his way to the ring.

"Stone Cold's" music hits and he comes out in a mini-jeep and almost hits Swagger on the way down. He then chases Cole, and Cole seeks shelter in his glass shield. Jerry Lawler's music hits and we're off.

Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole

Lawler is in the ring while Cole is acting the fool in his glass pod, doing jumping jacks and stretches. Lawler went out of the ring, Swagger tried to ambush him but Lawler caught him, beat him up a bit and threw him into the ringside barrier. Lawler then went over to Cole's glass pod, and Cole was begging for forgiveness and extended his hand through a hole in the class. Lawler grabbed Cole's hand and started ramming Cole's head into the glass. Lawler then went inside the pod and beat on Cole while throwing him into the glass.

Lawler got Cole out of the pod and threw him into the "GM" podium. Lawler threw Cole in the ring and Austin turned his attention to Cole. While this was happening, Swagger nailed Lawler with a cheap shot outside of the ring. Lawler slowly got up to his feet and Cole hit King with a baseball slide. Cole got Austin's attention, and Swagger applied the ankle lock on Lawler for several seconds.


Lawler got in the ring and Cole started working over Lawler's leg. He applied some weak looking offense while Swagger looked on from ringside. Cole went for Swagger's splash off of the ropes, but hesitated for awhile and then went to the first turnbuckle and dropped a terrible looking splash for a two count. I'm having flashbacks of Bret Hart – Vince McMahon from last year's 'Mania right now.

Cole put Lawler in an ankle lock while Lawler winced in pain. Lawler kicked Cole off and then started stomping into Cole in the corner. Swagger threw in a towel. Austin wiped his head with the towel and threw it at Swagger. Swagger got in the ring and started complaining. Austin planted Swagger with a stunner and sent him outside of the ring.

Michael Cole started getting up and pleaded with Austin to stop the match. Cole started putting his finger in Austin's chest. Lawler nailed Cole with several right hands and a fistdrop. Lawler continued with the right hands as the crowd chanted "Jerry." Lawler got Cole up and planted him with a dropkick. Lawler went to the second rope, dropped his strap and landed a fistdrop. Lawler went for the cover, but stopped the count at two and got Cole up. Lawler then applied the ankle lock and Cole was tapping like crazy, but Austin wasn't acknowledging it. Finally Austin called for the bell.


Jerry Lawler defeated Michael Cole via submission with the ankle lock.

After the match, Swagger carried Cole to the back. Austin's music hit and he grabbed some beers and celebrated with Austin. Booker T came in the ring, saying he wanted in on the celebration. Booker T then motioned for the spinaroonie, hit it and got a high five from Austin. Austin gave Booker a beer, toasted him and then hit Booker T with a stunner. Austin called for more beers and he and Lawler celebrated some more.

The RAW GM chimes in and Josh Matthews takes the podium. The GM says that the referee got physically involved with the match, and reversed the decision, awarding the bout to Michael Cole via DQ. Lawler approached Matthews, who said he was just reading the email. The crowd starting chanting "bullsh-t." Lawler asked Matthews to read it again, which Matthews did. Lawler grabbed Matthews and threw him into the ring, where he was met with a stunner of his own.

Michael Cole defeated Jerry Lawler via disqualification.

Austin's music hit again and he rode off in his jeep. Lawler took his seat next to Jim Ross as they went to a recap of the weekend.

It looks like it will be Jerry Lawler and JR doing commentary for the rest of the night, which is fine by me. Triple H vs. The Undertaker is up next.


Metallica's "For whom the bell tolls" starts playing. After a bit, the song changes to Triple H's theme and he makes his way to the ring. The lights go out.

Undertaker comes out to his new Johnny Cash theme and he heads to the ring amidst a sea of fog.

Triple H vs. The Undertaker

Triple H gained the early advantage, nailing 'Taker with several right hands. 'Taker tossed Triple H outside of the ring and followed him out. Triple H came in with more punches, but 'Taker threw HHH into the ring steps. Taker cleared the Spanish announce table, but Triple H tackled Undertaker through the "Coal Mine." Taker sat up and looked pissed while Triple H got in the ring and challenged him too get back in.

Back in the ring, Taker nailed HHH with a flying clothesline. Taker grabbed HHH's arm and went for old school, but was thrown off the top. Triple H then clotheslined 'Taker outside of the ring and followed him out. HHH threw Taker into the ringside barrier and then cleared off the announce table. HHH went for a pedigree on the table. Taker grabbed HHH's throat, but HHH got Taker in position again for the pedigree. Undertaker then back bodydropped HHH off of the table.

Undertaker got back in the ring and flew outside of the ring onto "The Game." Taker then charged at HHH, but Triple H reversed and hit a spine buster through the Spanish announce table. Triple H then got Taker back in the ring.


Undertaker surprises Triple H with a chokeslam and gets a two count. Taker hits a headbutt and a kick to the gut and goes for the Last Ride, but HHH charges Taker into the corner. Duelng chants for "Undertaker" and "HHH", with the Taker chants being slightly louder. Triple H started punching Undertaker in the corner, but Taker turned it into a Last Ride. HHH wiggled out and after a series of reversals, hit a spine buster.

Triple H went outside of the ring and grabbed a steel chair. He brought it into the ring, but Taker put his boot up and the chair hit HHH in the head. Undertaker then hit HHH in the back with a hard chair shot and went to hit him in the head, but HHH caught the chair, kicked Taker in the gut and hit a pedigree! One...two... Taker is up before three.

It's amazing how much better the announcing is with JR and Lawler. Oh well, back to the match.

HHH in the corner with Taker but Taker grabs HHH and hits the Last Ride for a two count! Taker motioned for a tombstone. Taker got HHH in position and hit the tombstone but only got a two count to a big pop!

Sorry, but my browser crashed and I lost part of the match. HHH hit Undertaker with two more pedigrees for two more near falls. He then hit Taker with a tombstone and got a two count again! HHH then grabbed his trusty sledgehammer from under the ring. Before he could use it, Taker got HHH in Hells Gate!


Taker held HHH in the submission for awhile as HHH fought to get the sledgehammer. HHH is fading. He manages to grab the sledgehammer, but drops it. After several more moments, HHH finally tapped.

The Undertaker defeated Triple H via submission with the Hell's Gate.

The Undertaker isn't moving after the match as an official and the referee tend to him. HHH starts to slowly get up and leaves the ring. Taker is able to be helped outside of the ring, where he collapses again. Taker's music stops playing and he is out on the outside of the ring. Taker is helped back up to his feet and on a stretcher and he is wheeled to the back.

A promo for WrestleMania 28 aired.

Vickie Guerrero comes out an introduces her "best friends", Laycool and Dolph Ziggler. John Morrison comes out first for his team. Trish came out next, and Snooki was out last.

6-person mixed tag team match
Snooki, Trish Stratus and John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler and LayCool

A fight broke out with the ladies, and Morrison slapped Ziggler. McCool wanted to start the match with Trish and shoved Layla. Trish started off strong, but McCool was able to turn the tide. She went for the Styles clash but Trish reversed with a face buster. McCool went to the top and they started trading punches on the top rope before crashing to the floor outside of the ring. Back in the ring, Trish hit McCool with the "chick kick", but Ziggler broke up the count and threw Ziggler outside of the ring. Morrison hit Starship pain outside of the ring. Snooki tagged in to a chorus of boos. She hit a handspring elbow (I can't believe I just typed that) and then a splash on McCool to get the pin. Morrison, Ziggler and Layla never tagged into the match.


Snooki, Trish Stratus and John Morrison defeated Dolph Ziggler and LayCool after Snooki pinned Michelle McCool.

The cast of Tough Enough was shown in the crowd.

A promo for Extreme Rules aired.

They announced the largest crowd ever for the building for any entertainment event with 71,617 attendees.

A cool video was shown of the Miz's ascension to the championship.

The Miz came out amped up with Alex Riley in tow.

A choir is on the stage. They do a prayer (I'm not kidding) as they show clips of Cena growing up. Pretty dramatic stuff, a very Hollywood-ish styled promo and video. The choir starts clapping and singing, and the start singing "your time is up, my time is now." The crowd booed once they were done and Cena's hit and he made his way to the ring with his new bright red shirt.

WWE Championship
The Miz vs. John Cena

Cena got the early advantage. Miz gained the upperhand and nailed Cena in the corner with a clothesline and got a two count. They traded near falls. Miz charged at Cena in the corner, but Cena was able to move and then hit Miz with a flying leg onto the back of the neck from the top rope. Miz threw Cena into the turnbuckle to gain the advantage again.

The crowd once again is quiet, as they've been for much of the night.


Miz continued on offense with a boot to the head for a two count. He continued to dominate the match and gain several near falls in the process.

Cena was able to get back into the match with several shoulder tackles. He connected with the five knuckle shuffle, but couldn't get the Attitude Adjustment and was met with a DDT for another two count. Miz hit a neckbreaker for another two count. Cena cradled Miz for a two count, and Miz regained the advantage.

Miz charged at Cena and Cena was able to get Miz into the STF. Miz was able to make the ropes and the referee broke the hold. In the corner, Alex Riley drove Cena's head into an exposed turnbuckle and Miz hit the skull crushing finale for a near fall.

Miz went for the skull crushing finale again, but Cena shoved Miz off into the referee, knocking the referee out. Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment, but there was no ref. Riley came in the ring and nailed Cena with the briefcase. Miz made the cover and the ref came to, but only got a two count. Riley distracted the ref again and Miz grabbed the briefcase. He charged at Cena, who ducked, and he hit Riley. Cena then hit an Attitude Adjustment, but only got a two count!

Miz slid outside of the ring. Cena charged at Miz and clotheslined him over the barricade and then thrust him into the crowd. The referee counted ten and asked for the bell. The ring announcer said that both Miz and Cena were both counted out, and that the match was a draw and Miz was still WWE Champion. Cue The Rock's music...


The Rock comes down to ringside. He gets in the ring, and the GM chimes in. Before JR could say anything, Rock stopped them. A "Rocky" chant broke out and Rock went to the podium. The Rock read from the laptop and stopped himself, said "It doesn't matter what you think!" and threw the laptop down. He said he's the host and that there's no way that WrestleMania is over and the match restarts now with no countouts, dq or time limits. He said it's time to give the people what they want and the match is back on.

Cena got Miz in the ring and went for the AA. Rock hit Cena with the rock bottom. Miz covered Cena and got the three count!

The Miz defeated John Cena via pinfall to retain the WWE Championship.

After the match, Rock watched from the ramp while Miz stared at him from inside the ring. Rock ran in the the ring, rocked Miz with punches. He hit a spinebuster and then landed the people's elbow. Rock then celebrated as the show went off the air.

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