Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

April Hunter, who has competed on the independent wrestling scene for numerous years, was offered a contract by TNA Wrestling in 2009. She explained why she declined their contract offer in a recent interview with Figure Four Weekly.

"First off, I do like the people there and enjoy the locker room and backstage. It's a fun company. But there were a few issues," she said.

"The money wasn't more than I'm offered on the indies. However, the main issue was they asked me to sign a waiver clearing them of any future medical issues, and that I had to get cleared by my own doctor first. I knew of two other girls fighting with them to get their medical bills paid at that point and I wasn't comfortable with the idea after all the injuries I've already been through. I know how easy it is to get hurt and I also know they like to suggest certain high risk moves at times. That is what royally screwed up a match I had with Desire years ago. TNA management put the match together using moves that neither one of us were comfortable or familiar with. So, I said no.

"I'd never rule them out if they change their policies, but for now, I don't think it's for me."