Jim Ross has a new blog entry up, here are the highlights?

On Christian: WWE promoting Smackdown inside Raw was strategic and timely. Nice positioning. It also tells me that Christian losing the World Title wasn’t any where near his ‘professional, death knell’ as some fans declared and that Christian just may be set for a significant period of time of his career especially considering the overall lack of depth within the business, as we speak. I see Christian becoming much more viable than he has been in the past and it seems that him losing the World Title has ignited that theory.

On John Morrison: Good news on John Morrison’s surgery to repair a neck issue. Not major or overly invasive and Morrison should be back in the ring in a month or two or so we assume. John would be best served to return later rather than sooner, make sure that he’s 100%, at a minimum, not to mention it would be cool seeing him on Raw rehabbing himself back into ring shape which builds anticipation for his return. One suggestion to Morrison is to watch various Shawn Michaels bouts from different times of HBK’s career to see how Shawn kept reinventing himself in route to becoming the best in the business.

On Wins & Loses: A recent Q&A on this site asked if my comment about not caring who wins or loses pro wrestling matches as much as caring about having a butt every 18 inches meant that I did not respect wrestling fans. WTH? Let’s put it this way, back in the day when John Wayne made western films I did not get too wrapped up in whether ‘The Duke’ made it out of the film alive, wounded or not as long as the performance was good and the story that was told was on the money. If a guy wins a stinker, it’s still a stinker but if two men have an off the page performance doesn’t the match presentation trump who wins or loses?