JR Blogs On Lesnar's Surgery + WWE/TNA UK Ratings

-- Jim Ross posted on his blog today with various topics on his mind:

Video Games: "Expect to hear a major announcement Tuesday from WWE/THQ. Arguably the biggest news to date from WWE on the video game front."

Diverticulitis and Brock Lesnar's Surgery: "Lots of questions regarding Brock Lesnar's colon surgery that occurred a few days ago. I don't know the specific details, nor am I a doctor, but I have had diverticulitis and surgery as a result of such.

"Surgery can be done, as was mine, in a very evasive manner depending on the diagnosis and severity of the diverticulitis. My particular case was extremely serious because I disregarded the stomach aches and other symptoms too long and continued to travel and work and my large intestine perforated which caused additional issues with which I had to address. Other surgery techniques for diverticulitis can come in the form of a much less invasive, almost arthroscopic, surgery which makes small incisions and allows one to heal quicker.

"From what I ascertain and I may be wrong, the less evasive surgery seems to be what Brock encountered.

"Nonetheless, Brock's health is more important than his UFC career, or any career for that matter, and he has seemingly done what is necessary to remove the affected area from his colon."

-- WWE RAW in the UK did the following numbers for these weeks:

Week Ending April 24 (April 18 Raw) - drew 144,000
Week Ending May 1 (April 25 Raw) - drew 128,000
Week Ending May 8 (May 2 Raw) - drew 135,000
Week Ending May 15 (May 9 Raw) - drew 153,000

-- WWE SmackDown! did the following numbers for these weeks:

SmackDown (first airing/Friday nights)
April 22 SmackDown! - drew 111,000
April 29 SmackDown! - drew 135,000
May 6 SmackDown! - drew 103,000
May 13 SmackDown! - drew 132,000

-- TNA Lockdown drew an audience of 191,000 on Challenge TV (free TV):

Airing on a 5-day delay, iMPACT! did the following numbers for these weeks:
April 15 iMPACT! - drew 191,000
April 22 iMPACT! - drew 200,000
April 29 iMPACT! - drew 244,000
May 5 iMPACT! - drew 193,000


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