Lex Luger In Charge Of WWE's Wellness Policy?, Styles/Christian

-- The Post and Courier has an article on Scott Hall where Dana Hall says that she is letting him go. She had went to try to help him after a phone call and found EMT's there. When he saw her, he spit at her and went on a rampage against the EMT's. You can see the story at https://www.postandcourier.com/

-- A Twitter fan recently asked TNA star AJ styles about Christian's recent title win and loss several days later. Styles responded with the following tweet: "Q-Christian losing the title? Well, it's nothing he can't get back. He is one the best wrestlers I ever been around. I'm a fan of his also."

-- As noted earlier, Kevin Nash appeared on The LAW radio show last night. During the interview, Nash revealed that he recently received an email from Lex Luger stating that Lex was now in charge of WWE's Wellness Policy. We hope to have more on that shortly.


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