Mask Record Set, Rikishi/Crowbar Updates, Various News

Partial Source: Pwinsider

-- Tampa Bay Online has an article about former wrestler Steve Chamberland who lost his leg in a motorcycle accident and is now trying to provide fifty prosthetic legs in fifty weeks to people who need them. You can see it at

-- Rikishi and Crowbar will be at the May 20th and 21st ECPW shows in Paramus, New Jersey and Brooklyn, New York.

-- The Los Angeles Angels did in fact set the world record for people wearing costume masks at their baseball game yesterday when they gave away Angels lucha libre masks to everyone in attendance. You can see a video of it at

-- Absolute Intense Wrestling is bringing back the TPI tournament that used to be run by Mid-South. Formerly called the Ted Petty Invitational, it's now known as the Todd Pettingill Invitational and will go down on May 20th and 21st in Lakewood, Ohio. The first round matches are as follows:

-Tim Donst vs. Mad Man Pondo
-Paul London vs. Shiima Xion
-Louis Lyndon vs. Flip Kendrick
-Sonjay Dutt vs. Bobby Beverly
-Facade vs.Sugar Dunkerton
-Colt Cabana vs. Marion Fontaine
-John Kermon vs.Gregory Iron
-Dave Crist vs. Ricky Shane Page
-Jonathan Gresham vs. Jake Crist
-The Duke vs. Aero!
-"MR. RBI" Izeah Bonds vs. SJK
-BJ Whitmer vs. Jimmy Jacobs


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