TNA Wrestling’s announcement on May 23 that Terry Taylor, Director of Talent Relations, made the decision to leave the organization, is reportedly a cover excuse.

According to a source, Taylor was fired by the organization on May 20. It is believed that he was let go due to allegations made against him in a lawsuit filed by a former performer.

The source notes that it may not necessarily be Shannon Spruill’s (a/k/a Daffney) lawsuit against the organization, although his name was implicated.

Taylor and creative writer Vince Russo pressured Daffney into performing a spot at the October 18, 2009 pay-per-view event Bound for Glory in which she would go through a board covered with barbed wire, reasoning that it was important for the ongoing feud between Abyss and Mick Foley. Daffney, who was hesitant on the idea, was assured that she would be fine and taken care of. She agreed to perform the spot, which resulted in her being chokeslammed from the ring apron by Abyss onto a board covered with barbed wire. She suffered a concussion taking the maneuver and was taken to an Orlando area hospital via ambulance. Furthermore, Spike TV wouldn’t allow TNA to air the spot during iMPACT! due to their policy on men-on-women violence.

Daffney’s trip to the emergency room resulted in a substantial medical bill, which Taylor stalled TNA from paying and ultimately was not. The lawsuit also claims she was pressured to continue performing after suffering two additional concussions. She suffered a concussion after being hit on the head with a toolbox by Tara following their match on the February 18, 2010 episode of iMPACT!. On April 20, 2010, she was injured in a dark match against an obese green worker by the name of Miss Betsy and was taken to an Orlando area hospital, where she was diagnosed with a concussion, as well as a deeply bruised sternum and a severe stinger.

Chief Financial Officer Dean Broadhead will oversee contractual matters while former WWE executive Bruce Prichard will handle Taylor’s remaining duties.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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