Partial Source: Pwinsider

— WWE is taping SmackDown!, NXT and Superstars tonight at The Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines. NXT will have an elimination while SmackDown! has Randy Orton defending the World Heavyweight Title against Sheamus, though local advertising lists Randy Orton vs. Christian as taking place as well.

— WWE is advertising that WWE ’12 will be released this fall. As reported earlier, it is the replacement for SmackDown! vs. RAW. There are reportedly a lot of plans from WWE and THQ to evolve the WWE games going forward.

— Alicia Fox will be on The Mo’Nique Show on BET on Wednesday at 11 PM Eastern.

— WWE has added the following their iTunes library this week:

Musical Singles ($1.29 each):
WWE: Capital (Official PPV Theme Song for Capitol Punishment)
WWE: Voices (Randy Orton) [feat. Rich Luzzi of Rev Theory]
WWE: Here And Gone (Macho Man Tribute Video Song)
WWE: La vittoria e mia (Victory Is Mine) [Santino]
WWE: Man On Fire (Kane)
WWE: Just Close Your Eyes (Christian) [feat. Story of the Year]
WWE: Ain’t No Make Believe (John Morrison)
WWE: I Came To Play (The Miz) [feat. Downstait]
WWE: This Fire Burns (CM Punk) [feat. Killswitch Engage]

WWE Extreme Rules 2011 ($17.99 event/$2.99 per match) [HD Version]