Tag Team Championship Match
Beer Money (c) vs. Matt Hardy & Chris Harris

We go to the ring and out first comes Matt Hardy. Out next comes Chris Harris, for his first TNA match in several years. Out next comes the TNA World Tag Team Champions Beer Money. It’s going to be Storm starting things out with Harris, his former partner. Harris is wearing his AMW trunks. They go to lock up but Harris tags in Hardy.

Hardy attacks Storm and goes to work. Storm turns it around and tags in Roode for some double teaming knee drops. 2 count for Roode. Hardy backs Roode into the corner and tags in Harris. Harris beats Roode down in the corner and taunts Storm. Roode fights back with right hands and chops on Harris. Hardy comes in and Roode takes him out also before tagging in Storm. Storm and Roode double team Hardy. Hardy smacks Storm and knocks Roode off the apron. Hardy tags in Harris. Storm runs Harris out of the ring. Hardy tries to attack from behind but Storm takes him down. Storm comes in from behind and spits beer in Storm’s face. Harris works Storm over now.

Hardy comes back in and they hit two big double team moves on Storm in the corner. 2 count by Hardy. Hardy runs into Storm’s boot and catches knees to the face. Roode and Harris come in at the same time. Roode with clotheslines on Harris and a big running clothesline out of the corner. Roode with right hands now. Roode comes off the second rope with a blockbuster on Harris. Hardy runs in but Roode clotheslines him to the floor. Roode turns around and chops Harris. Roode with a fisherman’s suplex on Harris for another 2 count.

Roode goes to tag Storm but Hardy pulls him to the floor. Roode turns around to a big full nelson slam from Harris for a 2 count. Hardy comes back in via tag and keeps the offense on Roode. Hardy with a side slam on Roode. Hardy drops an elbow to the back and goes to the second rope for another elbow drop. 2 count on Roode. Hardy puts pressure on Roode’s back now. They trade shots and Hardy takes it to the corner. He tags in Harris for more double teaming. Harris continues to work on Roode’s back. Harris taunts Storm and tags back in Hardy. Hardy with an elbow drop and a forearm shot to Roode’s lower back. Roode hits Hardy in the mouth with an elbow. Roode goes for a tag but Hardy stops him and continues to work on the lower back.

Roode and Hardy collide and both go down. Harris spits at Storm. Roode finally makes the tag to Storm and in he comes. Harris misses a clothesline and Storm unloads on him. Storm beats Harris down and clotheslines him back down. Storm with a Thesz Press and several right hands. Harris tosses Storm over the ropes but he hangs on and comes back in, knocking Harris down. Storm DDT’s Harris from the second rope for a 2 count as Hardy made the save. Roode comes in and throws Hardy out and they go at it on the floor. Storm brings Harris to the corner and hits an inverted DDT from the top but only gets 2. Roode comes back in for the double team but Hardy stops it. Hardy hits the Side Effect on Roode. Storm counters a Twist of Hate and hits a backstabber on Hardy. Storm counters Harris now but Harris spinebusters him to the mat. Harris turns around to an even bigger spinebuster from Roode. Beer Money hit a double suplex on Hardy and do their signature pose. Harris runs into a big superkick from Storm. They go for the DWI on Harris but Storm stops it and goes to the top rope. Roode holds Harris as Storm hits the AMW’s old move Death Sentence from the top rope for the win.

Winners: Beer Money