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The PPV opened with a graphic remembering "The Macho Man" Randy Savage.

The opening video aired, highlighting the two world title matches.

R-Truth's catchphrase, with no music, hits and we're off.

Rey Mysterio vs. R-Truth

Truth cut a promo on the crowd saying they should be booing themselves, not him. He then said "it's all about parking spots" and he didn't have one when he arrived to the arena. He said he had to park with the rest of the fans, and he deserves a whole lot better, and that it might work for the "stank filled hippies" in Seattle. He said it's a conspiracy, he's danced for all the "little Jimmy's" and it got him nowhere. He said that he doesn't play games, but Rey Mysterio does. He then said he's going to take Mysterio's spot, and anyone's spot that he wants.

Mysterio took the early advantage and managed to get Truth outside of the ring, where Mysterio followed with a flying hurricarana from the ring apron. Truth took the advantage back in the ring.

Truth stayed in control of the match, getting several two-counts. Mysterio regained the advantage after Truth climbed to the top rope, but was nailed with a giant bulldog from the top rope for a two count. Mysterio followed up with a splash for a two count, and a kick for another one. Mysterio tried to fly off the ropes, but was met with a corkscrew elbow from Truth. Truth got a two count.

After a series of reversals, Mysterio got Truth in position for the 619, but Truth slid out of the ring. Mysterio started to follow up, but Truth dropped Mysterio face first on the ring apron. Truth then clotheslined Mysterio on the ring floor. Truth got Mysterio back in the ring, hit the downward spriral and pinned Mysterio clean. Decent opener.

R-Truth pinned Rey Mysterio.

After the match, Truth got a bottle of water, drank a bit and then smashed it in Mysterio's face.

Todd Grisham interviewed the Miz backstage and asked him what he meant about saying that he had a way to beat Cena that no one has ever thought of. Miz said he'll let people know when he wants them to, and said that while Cena may have won other "I Quit" matches, he's smarter than the people that Cena faced in those matches. He said that he's always been underrated and he'll prove everyone wrong tonight. He said he had a game plan, and he's going to implement it tonight. He said Cena will say "I Quit" while he'll say "I'm the Miz..." Alex Riley cut him off, took the mic and said "... and I'm the new WWE Champion." End of interview.

They recap the Wade Barrett – Ezekiel Jackson feud.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Wade Barrett (c) vs. Ezekiel Jackson

Jackson got the first major offense of the match, and worked Barrett over with power moves like forearms and punches. Jackson continued to dominate Barrett with his power and strength.

After dominating for several minutes, Barrett complained to the referee about being injured. As the ref checked on Barrett, he charged in on Jackson. Barrett then rammed Jackson shoulder first into the corner several times and went for the cover, but only got two. Barrett hit an elbow from the second rope for another two count.

Barrett stayed in control for the next several minutes. Jackson managed to land some punches to regain the advantage. Jackson nailed Barrett with several shoulder blocks and several body slams. Jackson continued to hit the body slams, landing five or six. He then got Barrett up in the torture rack, but the Corre hit the ring to end the match. Jackson was able to fight the Corre off for a bit until Barrett ambushed him with a clothesline. They beat him down for awhile and left him laying. Decent match with some sloppy moments until the crappy ending.

Ezekiel Jackson defeated Wade Barrett via disqualification.

A promo for the WrestleMania XXVII DVD aired.

CM Punk and Mason Ryan are shown backstage and they walk in on the rest of Nexus being laid out. Ryan was looking for blood when Punk said that it's ok, that it was Big Show and Kane but it should get them motivated. Ryan accused Punk of not caring for them, and Punk said he cared about them winning the tag titles. Ryan left and Punk told Otunga and McGuilicutty to "walk that off."

Sin Cara vs. Chavo Guerrero

The match was lit to be yellow and blue for this match. I'm not sure how much longer they can continue to use the special lighting for Cara's matches before it's just distracting.

Cara hit a lot of impressive high flying moves early. They went outside of the ring where it was more of the same.

When they got back in the ring, Chavo took control briefly, only for Cara to regain the advantage and land a moonsault for a two count. Chavo got the advantage back and worked Cara over with kicks and punches, and worked on Cara's left leg. It didn't last long, as Cara regained the advantage.

Cara stayed in control and continued to impress. The end of the match saw Cara botch a tilt-o-whirl and it looked like Chavo landed face-first on Cara's foot. Cara followed up with a pin and got the clean pinfall. Very impressive display of Cara's talents until the botched finisher.

Sin Cara defeated Chavo Guerrero

Todd Grisham interviewed Randy Orton and Christian backstage.

Ricardo Rodriguez is introduced, who in turn introduces Alberto Del Rio who is heading to the ring.

Del Rio cuts a promo ripping on Seattle and complaining of all the illegal immigration with Canadians. Del Rio said he's not upset that he's not in the WWE Championship match because he knows he can beat Cena. He said it's only a matter of time before he wins the title. He said destiny cannot be stopped, and he will be the next WWE Champion. The Big Show and Kane's music hit and they headed to the ring.

Kane took the mic and said that he's already angry since the rapture didn't come yesterday and said that he better exit the ring right now or he'll end up like McGillicutty and Otunga. Del Rio retreated and left the ring.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Big Show and Kane (c) vs. CM Punk and Mason Ryan

Ryan and Kane started the match, and Ryan shoved Kane to the mat. Ryan followed it up with a shoulder tackle, flooring Kane. Ryan continued to over-power Kane before tagging in Punk, who immediately started to get beat on by Kane, who shortly after tagged in the Big Show. Punk was finally able to dodge a charge from Show in the corner and tagged in Ryan, who floored Show. Ryan went for the cover, but Punk interrupted and went for the cover himself. Show regained the advantage and tagged in Kane, who floored Punk with a kick to the face.

Kane laid a beatdown on Punk. He went for a chokeslam, but Punk got away with a boot and his team regained advantage of the match, where they worked over Kane for several minutes.

Kane finally made the hot tag to show, who cleaned house. Kane cleared the ring of Punk, and Kane and Show nailed Ryan with a double choke slam. Show then pinned Ryan to get the clean win.

Big Show and Kane (c) defeated CM Punk and Mason Ryan

They aired a Capitol Punishment promo splicing questions from President Obama with WWE related questions. You can watch it below:

WWE Divas Championship Match
Brie Bella (c) vs. Kelly Kelly

Kelly took the early advantage, even hitting a stinkface on Bella. Shortly after, Brie backdropped Kelly to the outside. Kelly landed on the apron, but was knocked off by Brie. Brie then took control of the match.

Bella worked over Kelly's left arm. Kelly finally was able to turn things around with a Lou Thesz press. Kelly stayed on offense and got a two count. Kelly stomped away on Brie, and the referee pulled Kelly back. With the referee distracted, Nikki switched places with Brie, beat Kelly down and hit an X-factor and got the three count.

Brie Bella defeated Kelly Kelly

The World Heavyweight Championship match is up next.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
Randy Orton (c) vs. Christian

Orton got a huge pop coming out, but was booed during the intros. There are dueling "Let's Go Orton/Let's Go Christian" chants early on.

Christian took the early advantage of the match. "Let's Go Orton/Let's Go Christian" chants continued to ring through the arena. Orton was able to turn the tide after fighting out of a chinlock. Christian clocked Orton and went to the top rope, but was met with a flurry of punches from Orton. Orton then nailed Christian with a superplex from the top rope and got a two count.

Orton continued on offense until he was met by a spinebuster. They got to their feet and traded punches with Christian getting the better of it and getting back in control. Christian went for a dropkick from the second rope but was caught by Orton, and they traded a series of reversals which ended with Christian nailing Orton with a flying headbutt from the top rope, but only got a two count.

Orton beat Christian back to his feet and landed a backbreaker for a two count. Orton then stomped on Christian and landed a knee drop to the head for a two count. Orton went for an RKO, and we had another couple of reversals before Orton got Christian in a inverted boston crab. Christian was able to make it to the ropes to break up the hold. More dueling chants.

Later in the match, Orton was able to hit the DDT from the second rope for a two count. Orton then started pounding the mat and went for the RKO, but Christian pushed him off. Christian then started yelling for the spear. Christian went for it, but was met with a powerslam for another two count. Ortton then went for a punt, but decided against it. He finally decided to go for it, but was met with a spear from Christian! Christian covered Orton... one... two... kickout!

Christian then went for the killswitch, but we have another series of reversals that ends with Orton hitting the RKO and getting the pin! Great match.

Randy Orton defeated Christan to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

After the match, Orton goes to leave the ring but has second thoughts. He then helps Christian get up, but Christian shoves him off. Christian goes to leave, but gets back in the ring, shakes Orton's hand and quickly embraces the champ before taking off to the back.

Kiss My Foot Match
Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole

Lawler comes to the ring first. Cole then comes to the ring wearing a suit and limping. Cole takes the mic and says that he's medically prohibited from competing tonight. He says that his doctor states, "and I quote," that his athlete's foot has become infected and he can't compete since Lawler can contract foot and mouth disease if he puts his foot in Lawler's mouth. He then shows the note to the ref. The ref tears the note up and asks for the bell.

Lawler immediately starts wailing away on Cole, and rips Cole's suit off. Lawler hit another punch and a drop kick, sending Cole to the outside. Lawler followed, and Cole managed to smash Lawler's face in the ringside steps. Cole did it again and then threw Lawler into the rindside barrier. Cole then took his show and sock off, and he foot looked pretty disgusting. Cole waved the foot in Lawler's face but Lawler caught it and then proceeded to throw Cole through the Cole Mine!

Lawler got Cole back in the ring, went to the second rope, pulled the strap down and landed a punch from the second rope for the win.

Jerry Lawler defeated Michael Cole

After the match, Lawler calls Eve to the ring. Eve stood over Cole, then climbed to the top rope and hit a moonsault. Lawler then took his boot off as the crowd chanted "Jerry." Before he pulled his sock off, he motioned back to the stage and JR's music hit. Jim Ross came to the ring. JR took out some BBQ sauce from his pocket and poured it all over Cole, in his mouth and all over his face. Cole then retreated to the back, and Lawler demanded that he come back to kiss his foot. Cole took the mic on the stage and said that while it may look like he lost, he didn't, and called everyone "losers." Cole said no matter what you do or did, I never did — and never will — kiss your foot. Bret Hart's music then hit!

"The Hitman" chased Cole to the ring and threw him in the ring. Hart then put Cole in the sharpshooter. Lawler then proceeded to stick his foot in Cole's mouth as the crowd erupted. Lawler then embraced Hart, and celebrated with Hart, Eve and Ross.

JR then went over to the announcer's booth to join Booker T and Josh Matthews.

"I Quit" Match for the WWE Championship
John Cena (c) vs. The Miz

This Miz takes the mic and does the same promo from last Monday night, except noted that since there are no rules, Alex Riley can help him. Riley took his shirt off and is ready to wrestle. Miz tells Cena to save himself the embarrassment and say to quit, but Cena says "Hell no" and the match is on. Cena quickly disposed of Riley and threw him outside of the ring and turned his attention to Miz. Cena was pounding away on Miz when Riley got in the ring and attacked Cena.

Cena was able to hit the AA on Miz early, but was then met with Riley nailing him with the briefcase. They hit a double powerbomb and the ref asked Cena if he quit, which he didn't.

Cena and Riley continued to double team Cena, and Cena continued to refuse to quit. Riley and Miz setup the announcer's table and each grabbed a monitor and double teamed Cena with it, but Cena still refused to quit. Cena managed to get in a spurt of offense, only to be thrown into the ringside steps by Miz. Miz then DDT'd Cena on the top of the ring steps and Cena, you guessed it, refused to quit. Riley picked up the ring steps and Miz told Cena to quit before Riley smashes Cena's ribs with it. "Go to hell," replied Cena, and Riley dropped the steps.

Riley got in the ring and grabbed Cena's arms whole Miz grabbed a kendo stick. Miz asked Cena again, and Cena told Miz that he hit like a girl. Miz then started nailing Cena in the midsection with the stick. Cena said "no" again and Miz wailed away on Cena with the stick. Cena collapsed to the ground, and still wouldn't quit. Miz then nailed Cena with the stick over the head.

Riley and Miz continued to double team Cena up towards the stage. Once they got to the stage, Miz suplexed Cena on the steel grate. Miz then charged Cena and kicked him in the face. A barely conscious Cena said he wouldn't quit. The assault continued with Miz taking the belt off of a cameraman. Miz took the mic and asked Cena to quit before he starts to get whipped repeatedly. Cena said "You've got a leather strap but you've got no nuts." Miz then started whipping away at Cena's back with the strap while Miz continued to whip away. Cena again refused and Miz asked Riley to get him a chair and started dragging Cena to the ring.

Cena started to fight back from a moment, but Miz used the chair from Riley and nailed Cena in the stomach and back with it. Miz got Cena back in the ring and missed with a chair shot. Cena started to right back. Riley got in the ring, but Cena threw him into the ref and the ref is knocked out. Miz then knocked Cena on the ground and setup a chair on the ropes. Miz then hit a messy SCF on the chair and Riley got the mic. Cena still refused, and the ref is still out.

Miz said if you won't listen to me, then you should listen to the crowd. He asked some kids at ringside if he should quit, and the kid said no. Miz nailed Cena again and told the kid that he wouldn't stop until Cena says he quit. Miz then asks the kids to tell Cena to quit, and they say no.

Cena is then hit in the head with a mic. Cena really has taken an ungodly amount of punishment in this match, he'll be feeling it tomorrow. Miz then grabbed the mic and a chair and told Cena that he was going to hit him repeatedly with it unless he quits. He told Cena that he won't stop, and Cena's can't win. Cena refused and Miz nailed Cena with a hard chairshot to the head. A recorded voice yelled "I Quit," which obviously wasn't Cena, similar to the Rock – Mankind match at the Royal Rumble in the late '90s. As the ref went to grab the belt, he saw Riley's cell phone and listened to it, and heard that it wasn't Cena saying "I Quit." The ref ordered the match to restart.

Riley charged at Cena with the belt, but Cena ducked and Riley hit Miz. Cena then hit the AA on Riley through the announcer's table. Cena then looked down at Miz and took off his belt. Cena then started whipping Miz with his belt all the way up the ramp to the stage. He then locked the STF on the Miz at the top of the ramp and the Miz yelled "I Quit." Bad match.

John Cena defeated the Miz to retain the WWE Championship.

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