Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles was one of the featured guests on this week’s live edition of Monday Night Mayhem. Here are some interview highlights courtesy of Paterson, MNM’s associate producer and official correspondent:

Giving Bully Ray “the fight of his life” this Sunday night at Slammiversary: “This all started when Bully Ray & Ric Flair put me through a table, injuring me for a month. Of course, I came back at Lockdown ready to take out Bully Ray. The fact that I really haven’t gotten my hands on him yet is just eating at me. I have to get this over with, or it’s just going to eat me up inside. This guy is nothing. Just because you are the bigger guy, it doesn’t make you the bigger man. I’m going to give Bully Ray the fight of his life. When it’s all said & done, he’ll know who the bigger man is…and always has been.”

Getting the opportunity to be a part of TNA’s forthcoming BaseBrawl in Buffalo, NY: “Obviously it’s always good to get back to a place where you have awesome fans. Some of the best fans are right in that little area. I love Buffalo. I’ve had some great experiences there, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

Why “Wrestling Matters” to him: “Wrestling does matter. If we took that name out, it’s just a terrible thing. I don’t know any other way to say it. When you see something on TV, you don’t say ‘there’s some entertainment on.’ No, you say ‘that’s professional wrestling.’ We have the best wrestlers in the world at Impact Wrestling. They’re here. We need to do what we say we do, and that’s wrestle.”

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