Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Mexican based wrestling magazine Super Luchas reported on Sunday that WWE had signed Averno, one of the top heel wrestlers in Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL). He then claimed he hadn't signed with WWE and would prove it by defeating La Mascara in an upcoming Mask vs. Match Match. His father confirmed that his son had signed with WWE, but backtracked because it would make the result of the match, scheduled for June 17, obvious.

Averno participated in a tryout match with WWE in October, but was not signed then due to organization officials' directive on not obtaining talent older than 30 years unless established. He is 34 years old. As crazy as it sounds, that is considered "king of old" in WWE.

Averno, as well as WWE developmental wrestler Peter Orlov, participated in the filming of the vignettes promoting Sin Cara's debut. WWE's acquisition of the masked grappler is said to be directly related to the SmackDown! Superstar being asked to name the wrestler he worked best with, following concern over his match with Chavo Guerrero at Over the Limit. WWE officials are determined to make Sin Cara successful because he was promoted as the first discovery of Triple H in his role as chief of talent development. However, there has always skepticism on his prospects due to his inability to speak English and being thrown on television before learning the American style of wrestling.

It is considered certain that Averno will debut with a new ring name. One name being discussed for the 16-year wrestling veteran is Rey Ortiz II. He is also expected to perform without his mask.