The following is from our live coverage of WWE Capitol Punishment. To access our full coverage, click here.

Josh Matthews interviews CM Punk backstage. Punk rips DC and “all politicians.” He says that he is a politician, but tells the truth unlike everyone else. He says Rey Mysterio is a liar, and that he’s the only honest one here. He says after he beats Mysterio, he’s going to go on to do the “most honest thing that the WWE has ever seen” and walks off.

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk

We’ll see if Punk’s streak of not having a PPV win in over a year continues…

After a hot start by Rey, Punk took the advantage and dominated the early part of the match. Punk wore Mysterio down with a leg scissors. Anytime Mysterio would get something going, Punk would mow Mysterio down. The crowd is pretty quiet for this match.

Mysterio is finally able to send Punk outside of the ring and then nail a moonsault. Mysterio gets Punk back in the ring and climbs to the top rope and delivers a diving headbutt to Punk’s chest. He hits a crossbody, but Punk reversed and got a two count. Punk and Mysterio then go through a quick exchange of holds and reversals before Mysterio plants Punk with a kick. Mysterio then goes to the top, but is met by Punk who delivers a back suplex from the top rope and gets a two count. Punk hits a running knee, but misses a shoulder first charge into the corner. Mysterio hits a 619, sending Punk to the outside. Mysterio gets Punk back in the ring, climbs to the top rope and comes off for a splash, but is met by Punk’s knees. Punk gets a two count and then signals for a GTS. Punk got him up, but Mysterio countered with a hurricarana for a two count.

Punk hits a big kick for another two count. Punk goes for another GTS, Mysterio counters again and goes for a 619 but Punk catches him and finally delivers the GTS and gets the three count.

CM Punk defeated Rey Mysterio.