— Low Ki’s company, KI Elements Incorporated, have applied to trademark “Senshi”. He also applied to trademark “Low Ki” a few months back. It should be noted that there is no record of TNA applying to trademark “Senshi.”

— According to a source, CMLL discovered that WWE forgot to trademark the name Sin Cara in Mexico and ended up doing it for use in the country. You can bet WWE isn’t happy about this.

— We noted yesterday here on WrestlingINC.com that Averno, who’s reportedly heading to WWE to feud with former rival Mistico (a/k/a Sin Cara), lost his mask Friday night to La Mascara at CMLL’s Jucio Final event. Following his defeat, Averno took his mask off and announced his real name as Renato Ruiz Cortez of Mexico City, 34 years old with 16 years experience as a wrestler.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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