Colt Cabana: I Want CM Punk To Leave WWE

Colt Cabana recently spoke with the Miami Herald about CM Punk leaving WWE, here are some comments from Cabana?

"From being laughed at by the trainers in Ohio Valley Wrestling to Paul [Heyman] finally bringing him up and everybody treating him like dirt, telling him he has an attitude problem and calling him the 'King of the Indies,'. Just looking down on him, he just felt shunned his whole time there. It was a complete struggle."


"The power of him not really caring because he was ready to leave ? I always said the power of not giving a s— is so important. He is really at the point where he just wants to get out of there. It's too frustrating for him. If he said anything that made anybody mad, what are they going to do to him? Not re-sign him? He doesn't want to be there.

"So I think that idea is so powerful. He is so strong in his beliefs with the straight edge lifestyle. By being how strong headed that he is, he was able to have the power to go out on television and say what probably every other wrestler has wanted to say. He made unbelievable television. He made unbelievable history in wrestling.

"He almost has the ability to change professional wrestling as we know it. It has been so stagnant and vanilla. It kind of shook up the wrestling world because of his real life frustrations."