Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry on his official website, www.jrsbarbq.com. Highlights are as follows:

Tonight’s WWE Championship Match between John Cena and R-Truth: “Cena vs. Truth….WWE Title…Cena likely wins but if Truth upsets Cena as I mentioned earlier in the week the Raw deck is reshuffled considerably. Without question, this is Truth’s biggest professional opportunity ever IMO. The newly minted villain has only one chance to make an impact in his first ever, WWE PPV main event. How Truth comes out of D.C. is intriguing.”

Tonight’s World Heavyweight Championship Match between Randy Orton and Christian: “Orton vs. Christian…World Title…might be the show stealer especially now that Orton has been cleared of concussion issues. It would be interesting to see Christian win (Sheamus??) as Orton feels as if he would be a nice fit to ‘chase’ Christian for the World Title. Bottom line is that these two have the potential to have a great match. I like this paring because it can realistically go either way.”

Response to mixed martial arts purists that don’t take his opinions seriously due to his ties to professional wrestling: “MMA purists/internet geeks who enjoy damming my opinions about their beloved sport largely because I’m a ‘wrestling guy’ will someday realize that the MMA fighters who are organically able to verbalize will have a better chance to become big earners and it won’t have any thing to do with ‘cutting pro wrestling promos.’ Muhammad Ali did it quite well for many, many years although he was comfortable enough with himself to admit that watching pro wrestling as a kid helped him mold his in ring persona.”

“Ali once told me that he realized he could earn more money getting fans to buy tickets to see him lose than to see him win.”

Ross also comments on the other matches scheduled for tonight’s Capitol Punishment pay-per-view in Washington D.C. His blog can be read at https://www.JRSBARBQ.com/