WrestleCast as part of The Sun in the UK is featuring an interview with TNA star Kurt Angle who claims WWE was considering having him end The Undertaker’s streak at Wrestlemania 22 back in 2006:

Angle said, “It was considered back in 2006. The person who wanted to do it was Undertaker himself. I was flattered, for him to go to Vince McMahon and pitch it. Undertaker at that point never had a five-star Wrestlemania moment match. He figured that the only one he could do it was me, at the time. Thank God a couple of years later he had Shawn Michaels, and it worked.

“But Undertaker really wanted to have that match, he asked Vince to push our match back from No Way Out to WrestleMania and, since I was champion they wanted me to keep the title, Undertaker was willing to take the loss. To me that meant a lot because Undertaker had a lot of respect for me ? and I had more respect for him than he did for me.”

Source: The Sun