Source: Pwinsider

Linda Hogan appeared on The Today Show today to promote her new book. I caught the interview and it was typical Linda. Here are some gems she talked about.

* There were a lot of drugs around back in the day, including steroids. She didn't really mind except....

* At some point in their marriage, she claims Hulk Hogan become violent with her. Matt Lauer asked if she said anything and she said no because she was afraid to. She added that she didn't want to "end up like Nicole Simpson". Never heard that characterization of Hulk before. I have a hard time buying it.

* She was asked about son Nick getting nine months in jail for the accident where he permanently maimed John Graziano. She said that she felt Hogan Knows Best painted Nick out to be worse than he was to the judge (like the judge didn't just look at Nick's driving record). She said he was a nice boy. Matt said that he only served five months which seems like just the opposite. Linda looked clueless.

Today asked Hulk for comment and he didn't bother.