Loads Of Backstage DG:USA News + Foley-TNA News

Partial Source: Pwinsider.com

-- The planned Gorgeous George movie that WWE was in talks about developing in 2012 appears to have been changed to a documentary. Those who knew or were close to George have been contacted about appearing in the documentary.

-- It should be noted that Mick Foley is not denying reports that he asked for his release from TNA Wrestling.

-- Dragon Gate was quite pleased with how the Uprising PPV in Deer Park, Long Island went. The walk-up crowd was reportedly very good. They do plan on returning to the NYWC Sportatorium at some point because they enjoyed it.

-- Dragon Gate USA will also return to Revere, MA because they were happy with the crowd turnout even though they had a a late venue change.

-- For the Dragon Gate USA PPV last night, NYWC's Alex Reynolds and Dmitrious Papadon were added to the main card after impressing officials from the pre-show.

-- There have no injuries reported thus far.

-- To order tonight's DGUSA Second Anniversary Internet PPV event, visit https://www.wwnlive.com/ to sign up for an account.


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