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We noted earlier here on the website that WWE released Michael Tarver, Jacob Novak, Buck Dixon, Buddy Stetcher and Ethan Levin over the weekend.

Tarver was on the inaugural season of NXT not to mention an original member of The Nexus. After being dropped from the group in October, he was brought back for several television appearances that saw him standing in the background. He never returned to WWE in-ring action. Tarver announced this weekend on Twitter that he has changed his user handle to his real name. "Hello everyone my name is Tyrone Evans (michael tarver) and I have changed me screen name to my real name," he wrote. "michael tarver belongs to wwe TYRONE EVANS xB2.0x belongs to GOD and im about to ATTACK ,,,GOD HELP US ,,,,stay tuned.........."

Jacob Novak participated in the current season of NXT, but was eliminated first for the second consecutive season.

Dixon, Stetcher and Levin were seldom featured developmental wrestlers.

I wouldn't be surprised to see more WWE releases in the near future. They'll likely happen after the TV tapings tonight and tomorrow when everyone heads back to Stamford. CT. WWE releases usually begin in developmental and then move their way up to the main roster. We shall see soon enough.