Partial Source: Pwinsider

— A rumor that Bruno Sammartino was dead has been proven false. After the report made the rounds yesterday, Sal Corrrente confirmed on Sammartino’s behalf that he is in fact alive and well. We’re not sure where the rumor originated but we never reported it here on this website.

— Shares of WWE stock closed at $9.39 per share on Friday, hitting a new 52-week low for the third consecutive day. WWE’s stock price closed at $10.01 per share Tuesday before sliding 6.2 percent over the course of three days. Ouch.

WWE stock traded as low as $9.33 per share on Friday before closing at $9.39 per share.

WWE’s stock price has continuously plummeted since the organization announced in April that their dividend price would be slashed. One year ago, WWE stock was valued at approximately $16 per share.

It should be noted that the stock market as a whole has been tumbling over the last few weeks.