Sean Waltman Addresses The Warrior-Hogan Beef

Sean Waltman has a new blog up, discussing the recent Hogan vs. Warrior drama. Here are some highlights…

"I think it's hypocritical to mention Hulk's catch phrase of "A day without pot is like a day without sunshine." without mentioning your famous "prayer" sessions at the arenas, which was code for smoking pot. As far as the "juvi juice" you're referring to, which for everyone that doesn't know, was a supplement you could buy over the counter at supplement stores called Renutrient & other names. It was Furanone Dyhydro (a chemical precursor to GHB) and I promise you Terry Bollea did not introduce it to the wrestling business. Tons of people in wrestling used it at the time. People that never drank or did any other drugs were even using it at the time. Yes it was very powerful. It's no longer available, but at the time was totally legal. So Hulk Hogan didn't control the "juvi juice" supply for the wrestling business. Guys in both companies did it.

All of this kind of high and mighty preaching of morality is why the people s--t on you when you did go to WCW. Maybe it is an example of the decay of society, but people don't want to be preached to. Like I said before, I think the vast majority of people do not care whether Hulk let someone else bang his wife any more than they care whether you were a gay prostitute in the past. Except for the fact that you made some statements, while speaking at a college, that many people viewed as anti-gay. If the accusations were ever found to be true & now your rhetoric is anti-gay, then that might raise a few eyebrows. I hope there's more to your book than just exposing Hulk's dirty laundry."


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