TNA Slammiversary: Abyss Vs. Kazarian Vs. Kendrick (X-Division Title)

TNA X Division Championship Match
- Abyss (c) vs. Kazarian vs. Brian Kendrick

Kendrick and Kaz hang together for a bit, then the bell rings and Kaz walks off. Kaz and Kendrick wait on the apron for a bit before coming in. Both Kaz and Kendrick go for Abyss, but Abyss fights Kendrick off. Abyss goes for a splash on Kaz, but he misses and Kaz tries to use his speed to his advantage with a quick series of punches. Kaz hits a dropkick, but he's tossed away by a quick back elbow from Abyss. Kendrick is in with a series of kicks and a couple of dropkicks, but he goes for a cross body, and Abyss catches him, picking him up, and tossing him to the floor on top of Kaz.

Kaz and Kendrick talk for a bit on the outside before coming into the ring at the same time and double teaming Abyss, forcing him to roll to the outside. Kaz goes for a baseball slide but he's tossed aside by Abyss. Kendrick goes for a dive over the top but he's caught by Abyss. Kaz hits a dropkick and Kendrick drops down on top of Abyss. Kaz and Kendrick continue to work over Abyss, sending him back to the inside of the ring. Kaz and Kendrick trap Abyss in the corner, hitting him with a variety of running moves into the corner, knee, elbow, splash, clothesline, but Kendrick goes for another, and Abyss catches him with a big black hole slam. Abyss back body drops Kaz to the apron, but Kaz comes back in, only to eat a big boot from Abyss.

Kendrick tries to climb back into the ring, but Abyss punches him back to the outside. Abyss chokes Kaz in the corner for a bit before laying into him with an enormous overhand chop. Abyss launches Kaz into the corner, hard, before going back to Kendrick, on the apron, and hitting him with a giant head butt to send him back to the arena floor. Abyss sends Kaz back into the corner before charging in with a big clothesline to take Kaz off of his feet.

Abyss picks Kaz up, and Kaz begins biting on Abyss fingers to avoid a further beating. Kaz continues the biting, fighting his way up to his feet, and Kaz begins to beat on Abyss in the corner. Kaz goes for a splash, but Abyss avoids it and turns it into a shock treatment for Kaz. Abyss circles Kaz and drags him toward the corner. Abyss goes to the middle rope and launches himself off with a Vader bomb, but Kaz moves. Abyss gets back to his feet and Kendrick catches him with a dropkick to the knee, then a single leg dropkick, another dropkick, and a missile dropkick, but he can't keep Abyss down for three. Kendrick hits a beautiful enzugiri before going to the middle rope and hitting a jumping DDT, but he still only gets a two count off of a pin.

Kendrick goes for the sliced bread, but Abyss pushes him away and connects with a giant chokeslam. Kaz comes back in as a house of fire, taking it to Abyss with a big top rope hurricarana. Kaz catches Abyss with a springboard back elbow before a double dropkick from Kaz and Kendrick. Kaz hits a slingshot leg drop and Kendrick hits a big splash, both men go for the pin but Abyss kicks out. Kaz almost gets a roll up but Abyss kicks out again. Abyss shoves Kaz into Kendrick before rolling to the outside.

Kaz and Kendrick begin fighting with eachother, laying in with right hands, before sending each other into opposide corners. Kendrick goes to the top, but Kaz catches him with a quick enzugiri. Kaz goes to the top with Kendrick and goes for the fluz capacitor, but Kendrick pushes him off. Kendrick jumps off but Kaz catches him, Kendrick fights Kaz off and goes to the ropes, but Abyss pulls him out of the ring, sneaks back into the ring, and pins Kaz, getting the three count.

Winner and STILL TNA X Division Champion: Abyss


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