TNA Slammiversary: Samoa Joe Vs. Crimson

Crimson vs. Samoa Joe

Crimson rushes the ring and he and Joe begin trading blows immediately. Crimson buries his shoulder in Joe's midsection in the corner, but Joe digs in with some knees to Crimson's chest and Joe sends him to the outside. When Joe goes for the Suicide Dive, Crimson hits him with a big forearm, and Joe goes limp. Crimson sends Joe into the ring where he immediately goes to work, locking in a cravat. Joe fights out of it, but Crimson drills Joe right back down to the mat, mounting him and laying in with a series of right hands.

Crimson locks in another cravat, but Joe fights out of it. Joe beats Crimson down to the mat. When he's back on his feet, Joe goes for a dragon screw but Crimson kind of falls during it, preventing him. Joe takes Crimson to the corner where he slaps him in the face and stomps him. Joe picks up Crimson and lays in with a big forearm, but Crimson begins fighting back. Crimson charges Joe, but Joe catches him, shoulders him, and drops him down on his knees. Joe locks in a leg bar, but Crimson is able to grab the ropes to break the hold. Joe begins to lay into Crimson with a series of kicks and when Crimson grabs the leg, Joe rolls over into another leg submission. Crimson grabs the ropes, breaking the hold again.

Joe locks in a spinning toe hold on Crimson, wrenching away at his knee. Crimson is able to counter into a head/arm lock combo, but Joe grabs the ropes forcing a break. Both men get back to their feet where Joe slaps Crimson, and Crimson responds with a big T-bone suplex. Crimson hits a big double arm DDT, but it's only good for a two count. Crimson doesn't relent as he turns right back to Joe, laying in with a clubbing blow across the back. Crimson sends Joe across the ring, but Joe comes back with a big belly to back suplex and a huge clothesline, but when he goes for the pin Crimson kicks out at a two count.

Crimson gets back up only to be sent into the corner and hit with a big open palm thrust. Joe goes to the middle rope and leaps out on to Crimson with a huge flying knee but he still can't keep Crimson down for three. Joe picks Crimson up and hits him with a big powerbomb, but Crimson kicks out at two. Joe transitions right into a big single leg Boston crab, but Crimson grabs onto the ropes again, forcing the break. Joe stands up to catch Crimson with a big blow to the face. Both men trade slaps before Joe hits a big head butt and Crimson hits a giant spear.

The referee begins the count and both men are up at an 8 count. Joe and Crimson trade right hands in the middle of the ring with Crimson getting the upper hand. Joe is able to come back with several big slaps, sending Crimson back into the corner. Joe sits Crimson on the top rope, but Crimson fights it off. Joe comes up behind Crimson, trying to lock in a choke, but Crimson backs Joe up into the corner to break the hold. Joe charges Crimson and Crimson comes up with a big sit out powerbomb, pinning Samoa Joe, and getting the three count.

Winner: Crimson

Joe shakes Crimson's hand after the match. He says "we will do this again". Joe put him over big.