TNA Tag Team Championship Match
- James Storm & Alex Shelley (c) vs. British Invasion

Alex Shelley and James Storm make their way out with Robert Roode in tow. Roode hands off his title belt to Shelley, and lets the new team make their way to the ring, as Roode breaks off to join Tenay and Taz for commentary.

Storm and Williams look to start things off for their respective teams. The bell rings and both men lock up. Williams and Storm chain wrestle for a bit, trading holds before Shelley tags in to continue chaining with Williams. Williams tags out to Magnus, and he comes in with a quick shoulder block but is taken down by a drop toe hold. Magnus comes back, but it's not long before Shelley tags of to Storm. Both members of Gun Money double team both members of the British Invasion for a while. Frequent tags from Storm and Shelley, who even bust out the signature MCMG dropkick spot with a poke to the eyes instead of a dropkick.

Shelley goes to work on Williams, but he's pulled to the outside by Magnus, and this allows for the distraction when Shelley re-enters the match, allowing Williams to gain the upper hand. Williams goes to work on Shelley's arm, wrenching away, but Shelley fights back the entire time. Magnus is in and the Brits double team Shelley without the tag. Magnus tags in and beats on Shelley in the corner, but Shelley begins to fight back, knocking Magnus away. Shelley leaps at Magnus off of the middle rope but Magnus catches him, and executes a nice dropkick. Magnus tags out to Williams and they whip Shelley into the corner so Williams can follow with a high knee, and Magnus hits a middle rope elbow drop.

Magnus and Williams continue to take it to Shelley, with occasional flashes of offense from Shelley, but Williams hits a big suplex to stop Shelley's momentum. Williams goes for the Chaos Theory but Shelley fights it off, and STO's Williams into the corner instead. Shelley makes the hot tag to Storm who comes in with punches and clotheslines for both members of the BI. Storm hits a DDT on William, but it's not enough to keep him down for three. Storm slides to the outside and takes out Magnus before going to the apron and backdropping Williams out to the floor on top of Magnus. Storm holds the ropes open for Shelley, who hits a suicide dive on Williams.

Storm rolls Williams back into the ring, and he and Shelley execute a suplex on Magnus, dropping him on top of Williams. Storm and Shelley celebrate, but they're surprised by Magnus who tosses Storm over the top. Shelley hangs Magnus up on the top rope and Storm comes back in, going for the Eye of the Storm on Williams. Williams reverses, but ends up eatching a couple of dropkicks in the corner. Storm hits a back cracker on Williams before Shelley connects with the double knees from the top, but it's not enough to keep Williams down for three. Magnus comes in to take out Storm but he's taken out with a missile dropkick from Shelley. Shelley eats some European uppercuts from Williams. Williams is turned around by Storm but Williams ducks and Storm spits beer into Shelley's eyes. Shelley can't see so he hits a superkick onto Storm. The BI hit a doomsday European uppercut, but it's not enough to keep Storm down for three. Miscommunication from the Brits leads to a superkick/sliced bread combo from Storm and Shelley. Storm goes for the pin, and this one is over.

Winners and STILL TNA World Tag Team Champions: Gun Money