Torrie, Candice & Lilian Speak Out - Divas Lockerroom, More

Torrie Wilson, Lilian Garcia and Candice Michelle celebrated the end of their Tough Enough After Show at AfterBuzz TV by reminiscing on their favorite moments and guests, as well as their highlights from Tough Enough. The trio known as TLC also spoke about what their current projects including Torrie's fat burner, Diva Trim, and Lilian's new album. We also get their thoughts on the Divas today and whether they experienced any cattiness in the lockerroom during their time in WWE.

Where the Tough Enough After Show idea came from:
Lilian: "Actually, Candice got approached and she was so nice that she brought Torrie and I on. The three of us had been talking about trying to do something together [...] it became the perfect opportunity to do something. It was actually Torrie... I was together with her in Miami and we're sitting there trying to figure out what to call ourselves. I'll never forget Torrie just sitting there and going 'T... Taa... TLC!' and I'm telling you, when that revelation came about, it was so cool. So it's been fun to work together."

On whether the female Tough Enough contestants were given a fair advantage on the show:
Torrie: "I think they got a fair shake but it's definitely tougher on the women than the men. I hate to admit it but men are stronger than women physically, and it's a lot more tolling as we saw. It would be great if they had two separate shows - Tough Enough for a woman, and Tough Enough for a guy. But it is what it is and they got a great opportunity to be seen by everyone at the WWE and I'm sure that we'll be seeing some of those women again."

On Michelle McCool's interview on the After Show where she discussed cattiness in the lockerroom from other Divas due to her success. Did Torrie and Candice experience that too?
Candice: "Absolutely. I wasn't here for that interview but I did get a chance to watch it. The closer you get to the top, the more people -- it's like a duck just pecking at you. They just wanna peck at you and make you fall back to the bottom. There's only one spot up there, so it's inevitable. Most of the girls are absolutely amazing and you get support and help. It takes to two dance and two to tango in that ring, but not everyone has that philosophy."


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