WWE Tough Enough contestant Jeremiah Riggs was a guest on Wrestle Talk Radio last night to talk about his elimination from the show, the cast and more. Here are some highlights:

His thoughts on his “defining moment” on Tough Enough when losing his teeth during the first week of his show: “There are people out there who forget that I could do that. My little boy gets a kick out of it, like its a magic trick. I wasn’t embarrassed by it, in the back of my mind, I wanted to fall out laughing, as they are fixing to hype my ass up on this one, I just thought it was as funny as anyone else.”

His thoughts on “Uncle Bill”: “He wanted to give everyone else a nickname, so I gave him the nickname “Uncle Bill”. Hes like a drill Sargent, hes old school, but he understand how the new age of how things are down and understands the new level of athletes, but he sticks to the old school mentality and it worked for us, as it weeds the boys out from the men.”

His thoughts on coming in shape: “There was nothing I felt uncomfortable doing, there is was nothing I didn’t come in shape to do, it just spoils the moment when people come there and didn’t come in shape to do it and couldn’t finish anything.”

His thoughts on whether he he had the respect of the trainers coming in: “At first I believe there might have been a lack of respect seeing as came from mixed martial arts, I believe at the beginning there was a lack of respect and I get it. After showing my confidence, it turned them around, it showed that I meant business and was for real.”

Other topics include the differences between MMA & pro wrestling, the history of MMA Stars in the sport, being trained by Dutch Mantel, his appearances on other reality shows what he would tell Vince McMahon in a one-on-one Meeting and much more! Catch the archive of Jeremiah Rigg’s Interview by logging on to wildtalkradio.com.

Source: WildTalkRadio.com