Billy Gunn Apologizes For Triple H Comments

Kip Sopp – also known as Billy Gunn – recently completed a 55-minute-long shoot video where he discusses his lashing out at Triple H following his release, how he developed the Mr. Ass character and more. posted the following release about the video and how you can access it:


With a career spanning more than two decades, Kip "Billy Gunn" Sopp has had plenty of high points. To many fans of the WWF Attitude Era, Gunn is most remembered as DX's "Mr. Ass". Alongside Road Dogg, X-Pac, Chyna, and Triple H, Billy created some unforgettable TV moments. However, when he left the company in 2004, he made waves with some harsh comments pointed at his former DX stable mate Triple H. He lashed out at the Game and appeared to blame him for his WWE departure. Years removed from those comments, James Guttman asks Bad Ass Billy about those stinging shots. Gunn takes responsibility and explains some of his reasoning:

"Know what it was? I didn't want to take the blame for what I had done- things that I was doing, things that (made it so) they couldn't keep me around. I just couldn't take it that (WWE) called me and said – not that this matters – but they had said that when I'm done wrestling, "there will always be a spot here for you as an agent or something like that." I love helping other people. I love teaching now. I love trying to give away what I have if anyone is interested in knowing a little of what I know. My frustration came out on the one person that was the main guy there and that was Hunter. I just opened fire on him because it was all about me and not wanting to take responsibility for me and my actions."


Guttman asks Gunn if his position has changed on Hunter.

"Has my position changed with him? Yeah. It has. Do I want to pick up the phone every day and call him to apologize? Yeah. Because it was something I did out of selfishness and the selfish person that I was back then. Not that I blame it on anything, but I had a bunch of things going on in my life that was really not that good. I took it out on him and, like I said, I wasn't taking responsibility for my own actions. That's what I did. I lashed out at him and everybody I could and I had somebody who was willing to listen and let me go on a live shoot tape to say whatever I wanted. Why would I not? It was all about making me look better and making someone else look bad. I know now that people were going, "Yeah, well it's really just you. It's not anyone else." So yeah. I regret what I did then and for sure now because I'm sure something like that is keeping me from being back there training people. I wish I could change it, but I can't change it. So I just have to live with the things I've done and the actions that I do from here on forward."

Billy Gunn goes in-depth about many moments from his career throughout the interview. But now that he's no longer tied to WWE or TNA, it leaves him time to meet and interact with fans. Doing so at Indy shows and autograph signings, Gunn gets to answer many questions fans may have. However, it's social media that lets him connect with those he credits for making his career so memorable – the fans.


"I appreciate it all. I just started this new Twitter thing and it's @realbillygunn and started Twittering. And it's amazing to me because I can literally stay on that thing all day long. I'm a Twitter freak now. People ask me a lot of questions and I get back to them and answer their questions because, as we know, (fans) ask (wrestlers) a lot of questions and nobody ever answers anything or they don't get a straight answer. I appreciate everybody that followed me and everybody who thinks I did do something in this business and that I am worth something. I appreciate it all and I honestly do. I wish I could literally answer every single person that had a question for me. I just don't think I have that much time left (laughs) to do that. But if you go on Twitter and follow me and have a question, I promise I will try to answer it. I literally stay on the phone for hours answering questions – and it's usually the same question just asked a little different – and that's my way to give back to people because if it wasn't for the fans, there'd be no me."

It doesn't end there. This 55 minute interview with Billy Gunn is one of the most in-depth you'll find anywhere and you can hear it all right now, along with hundreds of other stars the second you sign up on including many stars including Road Dogg, Jerry Lawler, Jesse Ventura, Kevin Nash, and many more.