Daniels Speaks Out - ROH Future, IMPACT, DX PPV

Christopher Daniels recently spoke about Destination X, his ROH status and more. Check out the highlights:

On Destination X: "I was walking in and out of the back as some of the show was going, and to hear the reaction from the people that were in the building – if that is indicative of what happened outside of the building, if that's indicative of the pay-per-view buys of the fans that watched, then I feel like their voices have to be heard. You know the people were very energized tonight, they were energized for everybody, they were energized for the action. That's what I think brought the buzz to TNA in the first place – having that difference from everything else that was going on. You know hopefully people look at the results tonight and they go "'You know what this is – this is the direction that we should follow. This is the direction that we should put some effort into'."


On his status with Ring of Honor: "Well I'll never say never, man. Right now I'm concentrating on TNA, I'm not going to say that I'm done with Ring of Honor. All I can tell you is stay tuned."

On Impact hitting the road: "Well, I wasn't here when it happened, but the tapings that they had in Fayetteville, NC earlier this year were very well received. I think they looked great on television, and just to have a different crowd..not to knock the Orlando guys, but I think that it just freshens up the product to be seen in different places. Hopefully it's the small steps forward that "Impact" has always been making that I feel has been our best bet. You know we take these small steps forward rather than these huge lunges and fail. We take a little bit of a step forward and try and grow a little bit each time, and if this is the next step, I'm all forward, man. I'm looking forward to it."


You can listen to the full interview at https://www.thefightnetwork.com/

Source: The Fight Network