Gail Kim Responds To Internet Reports - Details

Gail Kim responded to yesterday's online report concerning comments she made on Twitter venting about the WWE Divas being underutilized. She says she never mentioned 'creative team' and feels our report blew her remarks out of proportion.


She wrote, people have no life when they take tweets and make a mountain out of a molehill...what else shall I say to make some NEWS?? Lol!

Kim continued, "Wow! Haha people are blowing up my twitter. I'm glad everyone is as p#!@%*#ionate as I am when it comes to wrestling but you're also feeding into these gossip reporting sites that blew a reply to someone out of proportion, but hey I guess it all comes with the territory.

"I replied in a truthful way but I never used the word(s) creative team etc. But people will read what they want and interpret it the way they want as well so I can't stop enjoy! Go nuts gossiping!"