Gene Snitsky: My Account Was 'Hacked'

You knew this was coming once the press picked up on it. Gene Snitsky is now claiming his Twitter account was hacked.

"Its come to my attention someone has hacked my acct!!! Some people just have way too much time on their hands! Ill b deleting this acct


"Sorry if this acct has fallin into the wrong hands! Thanks to all my wonderful fans!!!!! Keep an eye out for new acct coming soon!

"I personally have the utmost respect for mike and enjoyed workin w him! Im sure he will say the same! Sorry again for twitter hackers!"

Of course, Snitsky was bombarded with fan comments after making degrading remarks towards The Miz yesterday. During Chavo Guerrero's Twitter diatribe of John Cena on Saturday, the third generation grappler took a potshot at The Miz. He wrote, "And frankly no one believes it anymore. If Miz can kick your ass then the clerk at the store can kick your ass, so please deliver if you say that.."

The former Heat headliner wholeheartedly agreed with Chavo's critical assessment of The Miz. "Well said chavo!" Snitsky typed. "Wtf is seriously scared of the fukn Miz? Ru kiddin me!!!!"


A follower of Snitsky's said The Miz "is awesome," to which he replied, "RU fukn kiddin me? Heez a putz and i mean that."

He also ripped WWE Monday night for trying to insult the fans' intelligence by implying that John Cena would be dismissed from the organization. "Well here we go again with the wwe trying to insult our intelligence!" Snitsky wrote. "Does anyone really think John Cena is gettin fired? Wtf cmon rukidinme."

So.... he was hacked. Interesting. Do you believe him?! Let us know below in the comments section!

chessthebeast and Colton Coan contributed to this article.