Kevin Kelly Talks Kings Of Wrestling/WWE Rumors, Rhino In ROH & More

Ring of Honor's Kevin Kelly was one the featured guests on this week's edition of Monday Night Mayhem. Here are some interview highlights courtesy of Paterson, MNM's associate producer & official correspondent:


The latest on The Kings of Wrestling/WWE rumors: "I talked to Claudio (Castagnoli) and asked it if was a done deal, and he said 'No, not yet.' That was on Sunday. I said if it happens, and you're happy, then congratulations. I wish you nothing but the best. I had nothing but kind words for Claudio, and I have nothing but the utmost respect for him & Chris (Hero). If that is what happens, then I wish them well."

If we will be seeing Rhino as a permanent fixture in Ring of Honor after his debut at "Best In The World 2011": "Rhino is staying. He is a huge asset. The focus & the drive I saw with Rhino (in New York City), and in the opportunity I had to talk to him, along with the plans Prince Nana has for him. Everything needs to happen in the right time and in the right place, but I think that Rhino is really going to go as far as he is able to go in Ring of Honor."


Why he feels there is plenty of intrgue surrounding Eddie Edwards' return to ROH in his tag team match with Davey Richards (vs. The House of Truth's Roderick Strong & Michael Elgin) this Friday night in Richmond: "That's the 'million dollar question' we're going to see answered that night: How can this team function? We said all during the (iPPV) broadcast that The American Wolves are still a tag team, and they are. They are still friends. They still have great love & mutual respect. Eddie edwards went home to Boston without the ROH World Championship. Now that he's had a couple of weeks to thing about it, and to not have that belt, and to not be called champ, and to have his family & friends talk about what kind of great match he had, I'm interested to see what his mindset is, and I want to see how he approaches this match.

What he feels happens next for Ring of Honor in the interim between "Best In The World 2011" & the company's first set of Sinclair Broadcasting televiswion tapings next August in Chicago: "What happens between then & now for the fans is anticipation. There isn't anything I could do to dissipate that, but I can tell you on the back end, on the Ring of Honor end, there's a lot of big being done. The company is thankful for having this time by indulging the patience of the fans. We're able to accomplish quite a bit. There's a lot of busy people in Ring of Honor."


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