More MITB News: John Cena 'Fired', Issues, More

Source: Pwinsider

Chris Brainard sent this one in: Don't know how well it came across on TV, but Rey received mostly boos from the live crowd and once Alberto removed Mysterio's mask, Del Rio won over a good portion of the crowd. You've got to love a Chicago crowd!


Mike Specian sent this one in: "MITB – Not Showing in Baltimore, Comcast Overloaded Says Rep, Ordered 90 Min. Prior to Show, But Still Nothing."

Pat Mize sent this one: There is only one place in Columbus, OH that is showing the PPV and they have half the restaurant closed off because they didn't staff for it. There is a two hour wait to get in.

– has an article up saying that John Cena is "fired", as the stipulations were going into the WWE Title match against CM Punk at Money in the Bank. There will be a follow-up on RAW obviously.