Pat Patterson Backstage At RAW/SD!, Big Show Speaks

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New York Times best-selling author Kevin Sullivan is featuring a number of extra excerpts that didn't make his "The WWE Championship" book over at His latest features extra quotes from the Big Show on his run as WWE Champion. "The hardest part of losing the championship is when you pack your bags the next couple of days and you feel like you're missing something. That's hard to get used to. Losing the title to Triple H, well he's probably my oldest friend in this business. I actually started with Triple H years ago in WCW back in the Power Plant. Triple H is the one who gave me my chokeslam. Hunter, Dallas Paige and Terry Taylor are the ones who molded my career when it first started, as far as the offensive moves I still use to this day. Of course, if you say that to Hunter, he'll emphatically deny it because he says I'm the sh*ts and he doesn't want anybody to know he's responsible."


– Pat Patterson was backstage at last week's television tapings. The 70-year-old WWE Hall of Famer continues to work part-time behind the scenes.