Perry Saturn Shoots, WWE/Mexican Tour, Punk Note

– Of WWE theme song creator Jim Johnston's tracks, CM Punk is currently the most popular song on iTunes.

– WWE has added several house shoes to their October Mexico tour:

October 12th – Raw @ Arena Monterrey in Monterrey
October 13th – Raw @ Kukulcan Baseball Stadium in Merida
October 13th – Smackdown @ Arena Monterrey in Monterrey
October 14th – Raw @ Serdan Brothers Baseball Stadium in Puebla
October 14th – Smackdown @ November 20th Baseball Stadium in San Luis Potosi
October 15th – Smackdown @ Beto Avila Baseball Stadium in Veracruz


– KayFabe Commentaries has announced the release of the Perry Saturn YouShoot DVD: PERRY SATURN'S RETURN FROM HELL – The litany of personal tragedy and pro wrestlers seems to be more commonplace. We have become used to the pitiful shaking of our heads, followed by "what a shame", and then the in-ring memories of the individual are cast into the same bucket which already holds far too many names, far too young to die. Perry Saturn was on the fast-track to that end, pedal floored. And then, out of nowhere, he materialized on the latest "YouShoot," almost a different person. The popular shoot-style DVD series produced by Kayfabe Commentaries put Saturn before the cameras and, as is customary with the series, had him face the public. Perry fields all kinds of videos and questions on this edition of the uncensored "YouShoot," which ships tomorrow via Some of it is heavy, some of it is funny, all of it is painfully honest. Saturn's downfall came as his drug use began to usurp all things once important to him, ultimately the sport he loved. Once introduced to crystal meth though, he was over the guardrail. Homelessness, the overdose death of his wife, being shot twice, and turning to a life of crime was Perry's existence. The DVD tackles all of these heavy duty issues upfront, in the first few portions. Beyond that, Perry taps that fun-loving guy within for the usual "YouShoot games" and pervasive frivolity that the series seems to evoke. Perry's memory isn't all that damaged as he very easily accesses some of the anger toward the WCW creative machine that led to his departure, as he watches a clip from Mike Graham's "Guest Booker." Saturn also speaks openly and honestly about the wrestling business and his travels through it, from ECW, to WCW, to WWE. Kayfabe Commentaries president Sean Oliver says Perry's transformation seems to be genuine. "All I can use to gauge the sincerity of his revelation and emergence from this darkness is how honestly and humbly he takes total ownership of his actions," Oliver said. "There is no lying, no covering up, no babyfacing himself, if you will. He offers no excuses for scumbag actions. And that kind of ownership, that total acceptance of responsibility, is one's best shot at redemption. And I hope he makes it, and you will too after spending a couple of hours with him, via 'YouShoot'." "YouShoot: Perry Saturn" is available at