Former WWE creative writer David Lagana has a piece up on CM Punk, and the frustrations he’s had during his WWE run. He talks about Punk’s run in Vince McMahon’s ECW, and how Shawn Michaels took up for Punk early on, writing:

“Vince McMahon was scheduled to appear on ECW for the first time in the start of a new storyline. He was going to rid ECW of it’s ‘Original’ stars and make the way for a “New Breed.” The meeting quickly turned into another CM Punk bash fest. My role was to run the meeting but dare not speak out of turn on the veteran agents. This was how the previous months meetings had gone but this day was different. It was a new voice in the room that changed everything. ‘Um, if you don’t like something the kid is doing, why don’t you work with him to fix it…instead of killing him.’ That voice belonged to Shawn Michaels.”

Lagana went on to note that after the meeting, Michaels became an ally.

“In January of 2007, Shawn Michaels was my consultant on ECW,” he wrote. “I was able to get in his input on the shows, thoughts on talents and in this situation the voice needed in that agent meeting. Like getting to work with Paul Heyman, Vince McMahon, Dusty Rhodees, working with Shawn was a dream come true. In that meeting in Houston, Shawn brought up that guys like him and Undertaker will not be around forever and, while everyone liked Holly, it was guys like Punk who were the future. The mood in the room changed, the den of negativity that existed was silenced for the time being. Punk wasn’t pushed strong that week or even the next week but the ship had turned. Punk was positioned better from that point forward.

“Shawn Michaels was pulled back into active duty when Triple H was hurt and programmed to face John Cena at Wrestlemania 23. Dusty Rhodes ended up joining me to help book ECW. And CM Punk made Wrestlemania 23 as the only ECW guy in the Money In the Bank Ladder Match.”

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