The Bella Twins Backtrack On TNA Knockouts Insult

Last night following Brie Bella's mediocre performance Money in the Bank, a fan suggested to the twin duo via Twitter that they learn how to wrestle and could do so by studying footage of the TNA Knockouts. A Bella sister snarked back, "they have the worst matches ever."


The undetermined Bella later backtracked her remark after a fan stated they don't have to prove their worth by insulting the TNA Knockouts.

"Obviously they have talent," Bella responded. "We were ripped first, have nothing bad to say about them."

In a correction from our initial report, The Bella Twins appeared to take a shot at Rosa Mendes following Money in the Bank, not fans as believed. The twin duo follow the SmackDown! Diva on the microblogging site, who retweeted several fan comments during the pay-per-view broadcast advocating that she win the WWE Divas Championship.

Bella wrote, "I think it's funny when people have to RT something a lot when they don't even have the skill to back it up... #Desperate&Sad."