TNA Destination X: Aries Vs. Ion Vs. Low Ki Vs. Evans (4-Way TNA Contract Match)


So Cal Val is backstage with Jack Evans. Jack Evans says the men he faces tonight are the three greatest athletes he's faced at one time. But by hook or by crook he'll take the contract home tonight.


4-Way TNA Contract Match
Austin Aries vs. Zema Ion vs. Low Ki vs. Jack Evans

The bell rings, and this looks like it will be tornado style. Aries and Ion pair off while Evans and Low Ki pair off. Aries and Low Ki make short work, so turn to each other instead. Ki hits a big kick to Aries' chest sending him to the outside. Ki shoves Ion away hard before catching a big kick to the face from Evans. Jack catches Ion with a big headscissors and a spin kick, but he leaves his feet and Ion puts his boots in Evans' back. Ion and Ki trade chops, and Ki hits Ion with a big kick to the face with is good for a near fall.

Aries is able to take Ki down to the mat and he takes him into the corner where he hits a back rake. Aries rakes the chest of Evans and Ion, but then gets a dropkick from all three men for his troubles. Evans hits some innovative offense before hitting a dropsault on Ki and Ion for a near fall on Ion. Ki catches a kick to the face from Evans, but Aries pulls him down to the ring floor. Ion hits Aries with a baseball slide that takes him out. Ion rolls back into the ring to fight with Ki. Evans goes for an asai moonsault but Aries moves and shoves him into the ring apron. In the ring Ion has a guillotine on Ki. Aries breaks it up and he and Ion trade holds, but Aries ends up dropkicking Ion in the face.


Evans flies back into the match, and so does Ki, with a big kick to Evans' face. Ion and Evans try to come up behind Aries and Ki, but Aries and Ki lock in the last chancery and dragon sleeper on Ion and Evans. Aries lets go of the submission and breaks up Ki's. Evans and Ion roll to the outside. Aries and Ki trade huge chops. Aries chops Ki's back. Aries goes for the brainbuster but Ki reverses. Evans comes into the match from out of nowhere and he goes for the pin on Ki and Aries. Ion is in next and he takes Evans out. Aries hits a knee breaker urunage combo on Ion and follows it up with a pendulum elbow but it's broken up by a double stomp to Aries' back by Ki. Ki goes for the pin but Aries kicks out at two. Ki sends Evans into the ropes and Evans hits an inventive hurricarana. Evans goes into the ropes but Ion pulls them down and Evan crashes to the floor. Ion goes into the ropes but Aries hits him with a quick running forearm that's good for a two count.

Ki takes Aries out with a giant kick to the face from Ki that's good for another near fall. Ki hits Ion with a giant kick that sends Ion into the corner. Evans hits a big twisting kick to Ki's face, and in turn is met with a huge rolling elbow to the face from Aries.


Aries goes for a pin on everyone and the crowd chants 'Sign Them All'. Ion lays in to Aries with a series of forearms, and he backdrops Aries to the apron, but Aries comes back with a neckbreaker, snapping Ion's neck against the middle rope. Aries goes to the top, but he's stopped cold by a huge kick from Low Ki. Ki pins Aries but can only get a two count. Ki drags Aries to the corner of the ring and goes to the top but he's caught with a huge hurricarana from Jack Evans, but it's only good for a two count. Evans calls for the 630, but Ion cuts it off. Ion connects with the 450 on Ki but Aries breaks up the pin with a big elbow drop. Evans goes for the 630 but Ki gets his knees up. Aries kicks Evans in the top of the head before hitting a huge impact dropkick in the corner on Ki. Aries hits a big brainbuster on Ki, pins him, and gets the three count.

Winner and NEW Impact Wrestling Roster Member: Austin Aries