TNA Destination X: Douglas Williams Vs. Mark Haskins (Open Challenge Match)

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A video is shown of Daniels pulling up to the arena and getting his luggage out of the car. Riviting. Footage is also shown of Curry man signing autographs backstage with Suicide and Eric Young walks into the line, he asks if one of them can be his tag team partner. None of them can team with him. Shark Boy walks in and says if he needs a partner, Young needs to look no further.

Open Challenge Match
Douglas Williams vs. TBA

Douglas Williams is out to the ring, with Magnus and Rob Terry in tow, for his open challenge. Mark Haskins is announced as Douglas Williams' opponent, he apparently impressed on TNA's last tour of the UK, and is being given an opportunity here. Williams tells Terry and Magnus to leave this to him. He then turns to Haskins and says he's surprised to see he accepted the challenge, a fellow countryman no less. He's not that shocked though, because he made such an impression on the tour last year that people said he'd be the next X Division star from the UK, and he's great, but he's no Douglas Williams. He says it's a very different thing to wrestle live on PPV, so he hopes Haskins brought his A game cause he'll need it.

The bell rings and Haskins is able to get the crowd right behind him. Williams chain wrestles Haskins down to the mat until he's forced to break. Another bit of chain wrestling ends up with Williams on top. Williams backs Haskins into the corner and puts him down with a right hand to the face. Williams and Haskins trade some neat roll up combinations and Williams rolls to the outside.

Williams makes his way back into the ring and Williams locks in a body scissors. Haskins tries to fight it off with head butts, the locking in a head lock. Williams fights up to his feet, and Haskins ends up in the corner. He hits Williams with a big boot to the face, jumps over Williams, and hits a monkey flip. Williams rolls to the outside and Haskins hits a dropkick through the ropes. Haskins goes to the apron, and Williams pulls his feet out from under him and slams his back into the ring apron. Williams hits a suplex on the outside before rolling Haskins into the ring and going for the pin. Williams gets two, so he turns to a submission instead, wrenching Haskins in a bow and arrow submission, but Haskins reverses into a pin for two.

Williams locks Haskins in an awesome submission before backing him up face first into the corner turnbuckle. Williams puts Haskins on the top rope and goes up after him but Haskins fights him off and connects with a big missile dropkick. Haskins and Williams trade forearms and European uppercuts respectively, until Haskins connects with a backslide for two, hits Williams with a couple of quick clotheslines, splashes Williams in the corner, and almost botches a springboard cross body. Williams is almost able to connect with a chaos theory, but Haskins counters and hits a quick ace crusher.

Williams is able to catch Haskins with a big running knee in the corner. When Williams comes off the top Haskins catches him with a big kick to the face. Haskins goes to the top and slips off, goes back up and goes for the shooting star press but Williams rolls out of the way. Williams sneaks in for a pin and gets the three count.

Winner: Douglas Williams