TNA Destination X: Generation Me Vs. Shark Boy & Eric Young


Austin Aries is backstage with Christy Hemme. Aries says he wants all the true fans watching this to listen. He says he's not some spot monkey or just some guy to do some flips and moves, he's the most polished performer in the industry, and there's not a man on the roster he can't beat. Tonight's a big night for TNA because they can add this man to their roster. He says tonight he'll beat three other men because they're not A Double, and they'll find that out.


Generation Me vs. Shark Boy

The bell rings and Jeremy and Shark Boy and Eric Young have a bit of trouble figuring out who will start the match for their team. Shark Boy eventually says he'll start, but Young immediately tags in, then tags right back out. Shark Boy and Jeremy lock up and Jeremy backs Shark Boy up only to slap him across the face. Jeremy goes for something in the corner but ends up crotched on the middle turnbuckle. Shark Boy connects with a series of boots, stomping a mud hole in Jeremy before going for the punches in the corner, the Thesz press, and the fist drop. Shark Boy signals for Young, and tags him in. Young comes in with a big double sledge to Jeremy's arm, but he catches a big back elbow, and this allows Maz to tag in.


Max pounds on Young in the corner for a bit, then they try to run circles around each other in an impressive display before Young connects with a big atomic drop and tags out to Shark Boy. Shark Boy bites Max's behind, which forces Max to the outside. Shark Boy follows, and this allows Jeremy to get involved. Shark Boy is tossed back into the ring and both members of Gen Me lay in with boots to Shark Boy. Jeremy locks in a sleeper hold, forcing Shark Boy down to the mat.

The ref raises and drops Shark Boy's arm, but he refuses to quit and makes his way to his corner, but Max takes out EY. Max hits a big dropkick and Jeremy goes for the cover but Shark Boy kicks out at two. Shark Boy connects with a quick neck breaker. EY is back on the apron, and he's changed gear into a macho man styles outfit. Young gets the hot tag and goes wild on both Bucks, hitting a big belly to belly suplex on Max. Jeremy comes up with a quick facebuster before hitting a dive to the outside on top of Shark Boy. Max goes for the pin but Young kicks out at two. Gen Me try for More Bang for Your Buck, but Young fights out of it. Shark Boy hits the Chummer on Max and Young follows it up with a wheelbarrow slam. Young pins Max and gets the three count.


Winners: Shark Boy and Eric Young