Event: TNA Destination X Pay-Per-View
Airdate: Sunday, July 10th, 2011 (Pay-Per-View)
Location: The iMPACT! Zone in Orlando, FL
Results by: TNAWrestlingNews.com

TNA Destination X Opener:

We open the show with a video package that highlights the X-Division, which will really be taking center stage tonight.

The pyro hits and Mike Tenay welcomes us to the PPV. The Ultimate X structure is hanging over the ring, and the crowd looks packed, and excited to be there. JB is commentating alongside Mike Tenay as Taz is 'on assignment'. JB says the X Division was the calling card of TNA at the beginning, and looking at the six sided ring returning, he can't help but think of the past. They begin hyping the X-Division title match, and Daniels vs. Styles right away.

Samoa Joe vs. Kazarian

The bell rings and Kaz jumps Joe, beating on him in the corner. Joe turns it around and delivers a couple of hard slaps before going for the rear naked choke. Kaz drops down and slides out of the ring. Joe goes for a suicide dive but Kaz goes in the ring, Kaz goes to the ring apron and Joe pulls his feet out from under him and Kaz goes crashing to the floor. Kaz delivers a couple of forearms to Joe on the outside, but Joe digs his thumbs into Kaz's eyes before breaking the count. Kaz goes for a jumping cross body from the apron but Joe simply walks away and Kaz crashes again.

Back in the ring Kaz catches Joe with a couple of quick boots, but Joe comes right back, sending Kaz into the corner hard with a shoulder block that knocks Kaz down. Kaz goes for a springboard move but Joe catches him in an atomic drop, hits a big kick and a quick senton which is good for a near fall. Kaz is up and comes back with a couple of quick rights but Joe sits him back down with a quick running forearm. Joe hits a snapmare and a huge chop to the back, kick to the chest, and knee drop combo. Joe goes for another pin but only gets two.

Joe goes for the choke, but Kaz fights out of it, so Joe connects with a big clothesline instead. Joe picks Kaz up, shrugs off a couple of chops, and hits a few head butts. Joe puts Kaz on the top rope, and hits a big chop. Joe goes for the muscle buster, but Kaz fights it off. Kaz goes to the apron, and comes back in with a big springboard missile dropkick.

Both men get up and trade forearms, and the crowd is way behind Joe. Joe looks to get the upper hand, but Kaz slams Joe and hits a big springboard leg drop. Kaz goes back to the well and hits a springboard DDT, putting Joe down, but Kaz can only get a two count. Both men get up and Joe back drops Kaz to the apron. Kaz hits Joe with a shoulder to the gut and brings himself back in with a slingshot DDT that's good for another two count.

Joe goes up to the second rope and gets rocked by a kick to the face from Kaz. Kaz climbs up to the top, but Joe fights him off and Kaz goes to the apron. Kaz goes for another shoulder to the gut, but Joe sees it coming and connects with a big kick to the chest. Joe connects with a beautiful elbow suicida to the outside, knocking Kaz against the barricade and taking him to the floor. Joe rolls Kaz back into the ring and follows.

Joe slaps Kaz in the back repeatedly and goes for a powerbomb but Joe fights it off. Kaz goes for the reverse tombstone, but Joe reverses into a powerbomb for two. Joe goes right into the STF and cranks back in Kaz, right in the middle of the ring. Joe releases the hold when Kaz bite his finger. Kaz hits a dropkick sending Joe into the corner. Kaz goes for a splash but Joe puts him right back down with a big urunage.

Joe is finally able to lock in the rear naked choke and get his legs wrapped around Kaz's body. Kaz tries to reach for the ropes. He's eventually able to grab the ropes, and Joe pushes off the referee when he breaks. Hebner is not very happy and he argues with Joe for a bit. Joe goes for another rear naked choke, but Kaz reverses into a quick roll up and scores the three count.

Winner: Kazarian

- We get highlights of the three way match between AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, and Samoa Joe, apparently these will air several times throughout the night.

Joe looks concerned and angry and Kaz looks relieved to be out of the ring, while we get highlights.

Earlier Today:

A video is shown of Daniels pulling up to the arena and getting his luggage out of the car. Riviting. Footage is also shown of Curry man signing autographs backstage with Suicide and Eric Young walks into the line, he asks if one of them can be his tag team partner. None of them can team with him. Shark Boy walks in and says if he needs a partner, Young needs to look no further.

Open Challenge Match
Douglas Williams vs. TBA

Douglas Williams is out to the ring, with Magnus and Rob Terry in tow, for his open challenge. Mark Haskins is announced as Douglas Williams' opponent, he apparently impressed on TNA's last tour of the UK, and is being given an opportunity here. Williams tells Terry and Magnus to leave this to him. He then turns to Haskins and says he's surprised to see he accepted the challenge, a fellow countryman no less. He's not that shocked though, because he made such an impression on the tour last year that people said he'd be the next X Division star from the UK, and he's great, but he's no Douglas Williams. He says it's a very different thing to wrestle live on PPV, so he hopes Haskins brought his A game cause he'll need it.

The bell rings and Haskins is able to get the crowd right behind him. Williams chain wrestles Haskins down to the mat until he's forced to break. Another bit of chain wrestling ends up with Williams on top. Williams backs Haskins into the corner and puts him down with a right hand to the face. Williams and Haskins trade some neat roll up combinations and Williams rolls to the outside.

Williams makes his way back into the ring and Williams locks in a body scissors. Haskins tries to fight it off with head butts, the locking in a head lock. Williams fights up to his feet, and Haskins ends up in the corner. He hits Williams with a big boot to the face, jumps over Williams, and hits a monkey flip. Williams rolls to the outside and Haskins hits a dropkick through the ropes. Haskins goes to the apron, and Williams pulls his feet out from under him and slams his back into the ring apron. Williams hits a suplex on the outside before rolling Haskins into the ring and going for the pin. Williams gets two, so he turns to a submission instead, wrenching Haskins in a bow and arrow submission, but Haskins reverses into a pin for two.

Williams locks Haskins in an awesome submission before backing him up face first into the corner turnbuckle. Williams puts Haskins on the top rope and goes up after him but Haskins fights him off and connects with a big missile dropkick. Haskins and Williams trade forearms and European uppercuts respectively, until Haskins connects with a backslide for two, hits Williams with a couple of quick clotheslines, splashes Williams in the corner, and almost botches a springboard cross body. Williams is almost able to connect with a chaos theory, but Haskins counters and hits a quick ace crusher.

Williams is able to catch Haskins with a big running knee in the corner. When Williams comes off the top Haskins catches him with a big kick to the face. Haskins goes to the top and slips off, goes back up and goes for the shooting star press but Williams rolls out of the way. Williams sneaks in for a pin and gets the three count.

Winner: Douglas Williams


Austin Aries is backstage with Christy Hemme. Aries says he wants all the true fans watching this to listen. He says he's not some spot monkey or just some guy to do some flips and moves, he's the most polished performer in the industry, and there's not a man on the roster he can't beat. Tonight's a big night for TNA because they can add this man to their roster. He says tonight he'll beat three other men because they're not A Double, and they'll find that out.

Generation Me vs. Shark Boy

The bell rings and Jeremy and Shark Boy and Eric Young have a bit of trouble figuring out who will start the match for their team. Shark Boy eventually says he'll start, but Young immediately tags in, then tags right back out. Shark Boy and Jeremy lock up and Jeremy backs Shark Boy up only to slap him across the face. Jeremy goes for something in the corner but ends up crotched on the middle turnbuckle. Shark Boy connects with a series of boots, stomping a mud hole in Jeremy before going for the punches in the corner, the Thesz press, and the fist drop. Shark Boy signals for Young, and tags him in. Young comes in with a big double sledge to Jeremy's arm, but he catches a big back elbow, and this allows Maz to tag in.

Max pounds on Young in the corner for a bit, then they try to run circles around each other in an impressive display before Young connects with a big atomic drop and tags out to Shark Boy. Shark Boy bites Max's behind, which forces Max to the outside. Shark Boy follows, and this allows Jeremy to get involved. Shark Boy is tossed back into the ring and both members of Gen Me lay in with boots to Shark Boy. Jeremy locks in a sleeper hold, forcing Shark Boy down to the mat.

The ref raises and drops Shark Boy's arm, but he refuses to quit and makes his way to his corner, but Max takes out EY. Max hits a big dropkick and Jeremy goes for the cover but Shark Boy kicks out at two. Shark Boy connects with a quick neck breaker. EY is back on the apron, and he's changed gear into a macho man styles outfit. Young gets the hot tag and goes wild on both Bucks, hitting a big belly to belly suplex on Max. Jeremy comes up with a quick facebuster before hitting a dive to the outside on top of Shark Boy. Max goes for the pin but Young kicks out at two. Gen Me try for More Bang for Your Buck, but Young fights out of it. Shark Boy hits the Chummer on Max and Young follows it up with a wheelbarrow slam. Young pins Max and gets the three count.

Winners: Shark Boy and Eric Young

- We get footage of Styles and Daniels as tag team partners against America's Most Wanted, winning the Tag Team titles.

- Daniels is shown backstage talking to someone. Styles comes by and asks if Daniels is ready. Daniels says yeah, and the two shake hands.


Zema Ion is backstage with Christy Hemme. He seems a little intimidated by the men in the ring against him tonight. He says a lot of people don't see him winning this match, but tonight he's proving it to himself. Zema says he'll be damned if anyone keeps him from getting what he wants. This leads into a quick promo for the Ultimate X match.

- As the construction of the Ultimate X structure continues, JB and Tenay try to kill time, talking about what may be running through the heads of the competitors going into the match tonight.

#1 Contender Ultimate X Match
Alex Shelley vs. Robbie E vs. Shannon Moore vs. Amazing Red

Things break down quickly as soon as the bell rings and Shannon Moore comes out as the dominant party, taking every other competitor out. Moore goes for the corner but Red catches him, stop him and sends him to the outside. Red also stops Shelley in the corner with a big kick to the face. Robbie is climbing the ropes, and he's pulled down by Red and stunned with a huge kick. Red goes for the X, but he's stopped by Shelley. Shelley goes to work on Red's leg, hanging one up in the ropes and hitting a dragon screw leg whip on the other.

Shelley turns his attention to Moore for a bit before hitting a reverse STO sending Robbie face first into the corner. Shelley pulls Moore down in a tree of woe on top of Robbie and hits a dropkick on both men. Shelley goes into the corner and tries to climb the structure but he's stopped by Red. Shelley fights Red off with a couple of elbows to the head. Shelley climbs the ropes hand over hand but Robbie pulls him down and takes him out with a big clothesline. Red hangs Robbie up on the top rope before taking Shelley down to the floor. Red goes for a springboard maneuver but Robbie avoids it, and hits sole food on Red. Robbie goes for a baseball slide on Moore but Moore catches him in the ring apron. Shelley makes his way out as well, but he's taken out with an asai moonsault to the floor. Red is going for the X but Moore comes into the ring and stop him, using him to throw him into Shelley. Moore splashes Shelley in the corner, before Red hits a shooting star press off the back of Moore on to Shelley.

Robbie takes out Red with a huge clothesline and he points up to the X. Robbie goes to the corner and begins climbing the ropes but he's taken down by Red who hits repeated spin kicks to Robbie's chest. Robbie whips Red into the ropes and Red flies over the top with a corkscrew plancha on top of Shelley and Moore.

Robbie goes up again and begins climbing toward the X, but he's caught with a huge missile dropkick to the chest from Red that takes him down to the mat, where he immediately rolls to the outside. Moore begins climbing the structure up to the cables. Moore bypasses the cables, and climbs to the top of the Ultimate X structure. Moore gets to the top of the truss. Shelley is going for the cables but Cookie is holding on to his legs. Red is climbing the cables as well.

Moore is directly above the X, and Red has climbed almost all the way there. Moore stomps Red off of the cables. Moore drops on to the cables. Shelley stomps at Moore and kicks him off. Shelley pulls the X down off of the cables, and drops to the mat to win the match.

Winner and NEW #1 Contender to the TNA X-Division Championship: Alex Shelley

While Shelley celebrates with the X, Chris Sabin makes his way down the ramp to join in the celebration.

- We get highlights from Final Resolution 2009 which is the last time Daniels and Styles met in a singles match.


Low Ki is backstage with So Cal Val. He says he's made a career out of 'go hard or go home'. He's made a career out of proving people wrong. He says to gain his contract tonight, he's going to have to fight, where wrestling still matters.

Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn

The bell rings and now the crowd seems to be interested. Maybe they just weren't miced well for the intros. We get a handshake before the match. Both men are slow to start but Lynn puts out a hand. Both men back away and Van Dam goes to the corner where he poses for a big pop from the crowd. Dueling chants from the crowd now. Lynn goes up and poses in the corner to a big pop from the crowd. They've got the crowd worked up without even touching. Lock up and RVD goes for a head lock. Lynn fights it off but RVD hits a shoulderblock. Awesome chain of moves from both men with neither gaining an advantage.

Lynn locks in a shoulder block, but RVD fights it off. Another amazing sequence of flippy moves and RVD comes up with an arm bar. Lynn fights up to his feet and backs RVD into the corner. Lynn lays into Van Dam with knee to the gut, he ducks a springboard dropkick, but when he goes to the top he's caught with a big kick from RVD that sits him on the top turnbuckle. RVD goes for a superplex but Lynn fights it off. Lynn goes for a tornado DDT on the apron but Van Dam stops it, and clotheslines Lynn over the top rope back into the ring.

Van Dam goes for a spinning kick in the corner but Lynn avoids it. Another quick series of chain wrestling and Lynn comes up looking frustrated, but the fans are loving this match. Lynn catches RVD with a boot to the gut, but RVD hits a big kick that sends Lynn to the outside. Van Dam runs the ropes, but Lynn moves and Rob stops himself before diving out of the ring. RVD invites Lynn back into the ring and holds the ropes for him before getting the crowd to applaud Lynn. RVD goes for a handshake and Lynn grabs the hand and sends RVD over the top where he crashes to the floor and into the guard rail.

Lynn catches Van Dam with a big dropkick that sends Van Dam crashing back into the barricade, before Lynn goes to the ring apron and hits a somersaulting dive to the floor on top of Van Dam. Lynn sends RVD back into the ring and goes for a pin but he's only able to get a two count. Lynn goes for the blatant choke in front of the ref but he breaks before the five count. RVD tries to fight back, sending Lynn into the corner, but Lynn connects with a big kick to the face. Lynn goes for the tornado DDT but RVD fights it off, both men go for something, but Lynn connects with a big bridging German suplex for a two count. Lynn locks in a rear chin lock.

RVD gets to his feet but Lynn yanks him back down to the mat by his hair. Lynn puts RVD's neck on the bottom rope and uses his boot to choke Van Dam against the rope. Lynn stomps away at RVD. Lynn connects with a vicious short arm clothesline that's good for another near fall. Lynn picks RVD up and tries to send him into the ropes but RVD reverses. Lynn catches RVD with a kick to the chest. Both men go for a hip toss, but RVD takes Lynn to the mat. Van Dam hits rolling thunder and gets a two count from it. Lynn sends RVD into the corner, but RVD comes right back out with a spin kick that sends Lynn to the floor.

RVD catches Lynn with a baseball slide that sends him into the guardrail. Van Dam goes to the outside, suplexes Lynn, hanging him up on the guardrail, and goes to the apron where he connects with a leaping leg drop across Lynn's back on the barricade. RVD rolls Lynn back into the ring and connects with a slingshot leg drop. RVD avoids the pin and goes up to the top instead. Lynn pushes RVD off the top rope and RVD crashes down into the barricade.

Lynn goes to the outside and rolls RVD into the ring. Lynn grabs a steel chair before rolling back into the ring. Hebner argues with Lynn about the chair. Lynn avoids a spin kick from RVD and Lynn connects with a leg drop that sends RVD head first into the chair. Lynn goes for a pin but Van Dam kicks out at two. Lynn goes outside for another steel chair. Van Dam is able to get to his feet and send Lynn into the corner. Lynn connects with a sunset bomb from the middle rope into the steel chair, but Lynn still can't keep RVD down for three.

Lynn swings with a chair, but RVD connects with a kick that sends the chair into Lynn's face. RVD goes to the top, connects with the five star frog splash, and pins Jerry Lynn for the three count.

Winner: Rob Van Dam


So Cal Val is backstage with Jack Evans. Jack Evans says the men he faces tonight are the three greatest athletes he's faced at one time. But by hook or by crook he'll take the contract home tonight.

4-Way TNA Contract Match
Austin Aries vs. Zema Ion vs. Low Ki vs. Jack Evans

The bell rings, and this looks like it will be tornado style. Aries and Ion pair off while Evans and Low Ki pair off. Aries and Low Ki make short work, so turn to each other instead. Ki hits a big kick to Aries' chest sending him to the outside. Ki shoves Ion away hard before catching a big kick to the face from Evans. Jack catches Ion with a big headscissors and a spin kick, but he leaves his feet and Ion puts his boots in Evans' back. Ion and Ki trade chops, and Ki hits Ion with a big kick to the face with is good for a near fall.

Aries is able to take Ki down to the mat and he takes him into the corner where he hits a back rake. Aries rakes the chest of Evans and Ion, but then gets a dropkick from all three men for his troubles. Evans hits some innovative offense before hitting a dropsault on Ki and Ion for a near fall on Ion. Ki catches a kick to the face from Evans, but Aries pulls him down to the ring floor. Ion hits Aries with a baseball slide that takes him out. Ion rolls back into the ring to fight with Ki. Evans goes for an asai moonsault but Aries moves and shoves him into the ring apron. In the ring Ion has a guillotine on Ki. Aries breaks it up and he and Ion trade holds, but Aries ends up dropkicking Ion in the face.

Evans flies back into the match, and so does Ki, with a big kick to Evans' face. Ion and Evans try to come up behind Aries and Ki, but Aries and Ki lock in the last chancery and dragon sleeper on Ion and Evans. Aries lets go of the submission and breaks up Ki's. Evans and Ion roll to the outside. Aries and Ki trade huge chops. Aries chops Ki's back. Aries goes for the brainbuster but Ki reverses. Evans comes into the match from out of nowhere and he goes for the pin on Ki and Aries. Ion is in next and he takes Evans out. Aries hits a knee breaker urunage combo on Ion and follows it up with a pendulum elbow but it's broken up by a double stomp to Aries' back by Ki. Ki goes for the pin but Aries kicks out at two. Ki sends Evans into the ropes and Evans hits an inventive hurricarana. Evans goes into the ropes but Ion pulls them down and Evan crashes to the floor. Ion goes into the ropes but Aries hits him with a quick running forearm that's good for a two count.

Ki takes Aries out with a giant kick to the face from Ki that's good for another near fall. Ki hits Ion with a giant kick that sends Ion into the corner. Evans hits a big twisting kick to Ki's face, and in turn is met with a huge rolling elbow to the face from Aries.

Aries goes for a pin on everyone and the crowd chants 'Sign Them All'. Ion lays in to Aries with a series of forearms, and he backdrops Aries to the apron, but Aries comes back with a neckbreaker, snapping Ion's neck against the middle rope. Aries goes to the top, but he's stopped cold by a huge kick from Low Ki. Ki pins Aries but can only get a two count. Ki drags Aries to the corner of the ring and goes to the top but he's caught with a huge hurricarana from Jack Evans, but it's only good for a two count. Evans calls for the 630, but Ion cuts it off. Ion connects with the 450 on Ki but Aries breaks up the pin with a big elbow drop. Evans goes for the 630 but Ki gets his knees up. Aries kicks Evans in the top of the head before hitting a huge impact dropkick in the corner on Ki. Aries hits a big brainbuster on Ki, pins him, and gets the three count.

Winner and NEW Impact Wrestling Roster Member: Austin Aries


So Cal Val is ringside with the contract and a mic. Aries asks if anyone is surprised. He says he's said it once, and he'll say it again, he's the greatest man that ever lived.


Abyss is shown backstage reading 'The Art of War'. He says Kendrick thinks tonight will be a moral victory for the X Division and he might be right, but tonight Abyss will teach him a lesson in pain and humiliation. He says no nation has ever benefitted from prolonged warfare. He says when the end is near and it's time for Kendrick to die, he'll make it quick. But not too quick.

- We get a video package detailing the events that have led up to the X Division Championship, as well as thoughts from Abyss, Kendrick and Eric Bischoff.

X Division Championship Match
Abyss vs. Brian Kendrick

The bell ring and Kendrick lays in to Abyss with a couple of kicks to the legs but Abyss shrugs it off. Kendrick uses his speed to avoid blows from Abyss, but when Kendrick goes for a big cross body Kendrick bounces off of Abyss. Abyss lays in with a huge clubbing blow across Kendrick's back. Abyss goes for a splash but Kendrick avoids it and attempts to mount Abyss in the corner with a series of punches but Abyss fights him off and puts Kendrick down to the mat. Kendrick comes back with more kicks to the leg, but Abyss grabs Kendrick around the throat. Kendrick bites Abyss' fingers so Abyss fights Kendrick off. Abyss throws KEndrick out to the floor.

Abyss lays in with more big blows across Kendrick's back before sending him back into the ring. Abyss puts Kendrick up in the corner and hits a big open hand slap to Kendrick's chest. Abyss goes for another splash, but Kendrick comes back, throwing himself into Abyss. Abyss extends the leg in a big boot a takes Kendrick out. Abyss finally connects with a big splash in the corner and Kendrick crumples.

Abyss drops down to the knee in the corner to read a bit of 'The Art of War'. Kendrick tries to fight Abyss a bit, but Abyss takes it right to Kendrick, pounding him with punches to the back of the head. Kendrick struggles to get back up to his feet, using the ropes to support himself. Abyss picks up the book again and Kendrick comes up with a huge forearm that stuns Abyss and opens him up above the eye. Kendrick uses his speed to avoid more shots from Abyss and connects with a dropkick that sends Abyss to the outside. Kendrick dives through the ropes and connects with Abyss, dropping the monster. Kendrick avoids a charging Abyss and Abyss crashes into the ring steps. Back in the ring Kendrick goes to the top and connects with a cross body for two. Kendrick goes to the apron and back to the top, connecting with a missile dropkick for another two count.

Kendrick goes for the sliced bread, but Abyss counters it into the shock treatment. Abyss goes for the cover but Kendrick is able to kick out at two. Kendrick comes up with a couple of quick shots to the gut. Kendrick avoids hitting the ref in the corner, but Abyss crashes into the ref in the corner. Kendrick connects with sliced bread but there's no ref. Eric Bischoff makes his way out to the ring and he gets in Kendrick's face about something, so Kendrick decks Bischoff. Bully Ray, Gunner, and Scott Steiner make their way down to the ring. So Gen Me and Amazing Red come down to help Kendrick. Gen Me and Amazing Red are send packing, and Gunner Ray and Steiner team up. The locker room empties of X-Division guys, and Immortal is completely overwhelmed.

It's an absolute melee that breaks up out of nowhere. Kendrick is able to roll up Abyss out of nowhere, and the ref stands up on the outside to count the pin, after having missed a humongous brawl.

Winner and NEW TNA X Division Champion: Brian Kendrick

Confetti rains from the roof while the X-Division roster celebrates the title win with Kendrick.

On his way to the back Abyss shoves Bully Ray and knocks him down. Kendrick makes his way to the back with the X-Division roster in tow.

- We get a video package that highlights the events over the past few weeks that have led up to this match. The package is also about the history of both Daniels and Styles in the TNA X Division, and how Daniels has felt lost since coming back to TNA, and this is about regaining his spot.

Christopher Daniels vs. A.J. Styles

Styles and Daniels slap hands before the match. Both men lock up and jockey for position around the ring. Styles backs Daniels into the corner and we get a clean break. Daniels locks in a side head lock and AJ is quick to fight it off. Both men trade holds before Styles wrenches away at Daniels' arm. Daniels turns it into another head lock but AJ goes right back into the arm wrench. Daniels locks in a headlock again but AJ is able to turn it into more arm work. Both men trade arm drags, and just when Daniels thinks he has the better of AJ, Styles is able to surprise him. Daniels slams Styles down to the mat and hits a hip toss but Styles comes right back locking in a hammer lock.

Daniels fights up to his feet and Styles catches him with a boot to the chest. Daniels tosses Styles to the outside. Daniels goes for a dive but Styles goes inside. Styles starts on a dive, but Daniels is back in the ring when Styles turns around. AJ goes back to work on the arm, but Daniels fights it off for another head lock. Styles back drops Daniels to get out of the hold, and after a series of quick moves he's able to hit an arm drag and keep hold of Daniels' arm.

Daniels fights back up to his feet and out of the hold. Daniels bails to the outside and AJ chases. AJ goes for a springboard move but Daniels ducks it and goes for the arm. Another quick series and AJ hits a big dropkick, then another. Styles locks in a rear chin lock and Daniels is quick to fight back up to his feet. Styles slams Daniels down to the mat and drops a big knee on Daniels' head for a two count. AJ sends Daniels into the corner and then takes him down to the mat where he goes right back to work with an arm bar.

Daniels fights up to his feet, but Styles takes him right back down with a hurricarana then goes right back into the arm bar. Daniels fights up again, and Daniels is almost able to hit the Styles clash, but Styles rolls to the outside and Daniels connects with a dive through the ropes. Daniels goes back into the ring and goes over the top with a big dive straight into Styles. Daniels sends Styles back into the ring and picks Styles up to his feet. Daniels hits a back drop suplex, then another. Daniels hits a third back drop suplex and goes for the pin but only gets two.

Daniels hits Styles with a couple of quick strikes, and Styles tries to fight back but Daniels is quick to put him down with a neckbreaker. Daniels goes for the pin but he's only able to get two. Daniels wrenches away at Styles' neck, trying to wear AJ down. Styles fights up to his feet and out of the hold but walks right into a big slam from Daniels. AJ sends Daniels to the outside and follows with a big splash over the top rope.

Back in the ring Styles hits Daniels with a sick forearm to the face then another. Daniels crumples in the corner. Styles sends Daniels across the ring and follows with a big flying forearm in the corner. Styles goes for the pin but he's only able to get two. Styles locks in an arm bar but Daniels is able to make it into the ropes to force a break. Daniels rolls to the apron and Styles follows. Daniels goes for a suplex, but Styles fights it off and suplexes Daniels, planting him on the ring apron.

AJ goes for something but Daniels stops him and Styles ends up laying on the arena floor. Daniels rolls Styles back into the ring and chops Styles in the back of the hea in the corner. Daniels hits a drop down neckbreaker and goes for another pin but he's only able to get two. AJ backs Daniels back into the corner but he's met with a big boot. Styles tries to go for a quick roll up, but Daniels is able to counter into the crossface. AJ gets into the ropes to force a break. Daniels shoulders AJ and puts him down with a quick Death Valley driver, but he's still only able to get a two count. Daniels picks AJ up but AJ punches him in the gut. Another punch, and another, and Styles is back on his feet trading chops with Daniels. AJ connects with an enzugiri and both men are down.

Daniels goes for a splash but AJ moves and Daniels crashes. AJ connects with a series of blows but he goes for a move from the top and he slips and crashes down to the mat. Daniels goes for a pin but he's only able to get two. Daniels goes for a suplex but AJ reverses it, turning his into a suplex/neckbreaker. Both men are slow to get to their feet. Daniels backs into the corner and he and AJ trade blows. Daniels goes to the middle rope and Styles catches him, hitting a spinning rack bomb, but Styles is only able to get a two count.

Styles and Daniels trade blows again but Daniels stops it this time and locks in a koji clutch in the middle of the ring. AJ is able to stand up with Daniels on his back and he dumps Daniels out on to the ring apron. Daniels comes back in with a forearm, chops to the chest, and a couple of palm thrusts to the face. Daniels puts Styles on the top rope and brings him out and over his head, crashing down to the mat on his back. Daniels goes for the pin but he's only able to get two. Daniels picks Styles up but Styles fights him off. Daniels goes to the top but he's stopped by Styles who tosses him off and down to the mat. Daniels goes for a moonsault but AJ avoids it and hits a moonsault/reverse DDT of his own.

Styles goes for the Styles clash but AJ avoids it. Styles tries for the angels wings, but Daniels fights it off. Daniels tries for a roll up but Styles is able to kicks out at two. Daniels hits a quick STO takedown but it's still only good for a two count. Styles hits Daniels with a couple of forearms and Daniels comes right back with a urunage. Daniels goes for the BME but Styles gets a boot up. Styles connects with the Styles clash but Daniels is able to kick out at two.

Styles goes to the apron for the springboard 450 but Daniels gets his knees up. Daniels hits the angels' wings but Styles still kicks out at two. Daniels hits three quick elbows before going out to the apron and climbing to the top. Styles kicks Daniels' legs and stops him mid-move. Styles climbs the turnbuckles and goes for the superplex but Daniels tries to fight it off. Daniels tries for the angels' wings for the top but AJ back body drops him off. AJ, still on top, hits the spiral tap. Styles crawls over for the pin and gets the three count.

Winner: AJ Styles

The two shake hands in the ring as the show goes off the air. A really good pay-per-view.

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