TNA Destination X: Rob Van Dam Vs. Jerry Lynn

- We get highlights from Final Resolution 2009 which is the last time Daniels and Styles met in a singles match.


Low Ki is backstage with So Cal Val. He says he's made a career out of 'go hard or go home'. He's made a career out of proving people wrong. He says to gain his contract tonight, he's going to have to fight, where wrestling still matters.


Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn

The bell rings and now the crowd seems to be interested. Maybe they just weren't miced well for the intros. We get a handshake before the match. Both men are slow to start but Lynn puts out a hand. Both men back away and Van Dam goes to the corner where he poses for a big pop from the crowd. Dueling chants from the crowd now. Lynn goes up and poses in the corner to a big pop from the crowd. They've got the crowd worked up without even touching. Lock up and RVD goes for a head lock. Lynn fights it off but RVD hits a shoulderblock. Awesome chain of moves from both men with neither gaining an advantage.

Lynn locks in a shoulder block, but RVD fights it off. Another amazing sequence of flippy moves and RVD comes up with an arm bar. Lynn fights up to his feet and backs RVD into the corner. Lynn lays into Van Dam with knee to the gut, he ducks a springboard dropkick, but when he goes to the top he's caught with a big kick from RVD that sits him on the top turnbuckle. RVD goes for a superplex but Lynn fights it off. Lynn goes for a tornado DDT on the apron but Van Dam stops it, and clotheslines Lynn over the top rope back into the ring.


Van Dam goes for a spinning kick in the corner but Lynn avoids it. Another quick series of chain wrestling and Lynn comes up looking frustrated, but the fans are loving this match. Lynn catches RVD with a boot to the gut, but RVD hits a big kick that sends Lynn to the outside. Van Dam runs the ropes, but Lynn moves and Rob stops himself before diving out of the ring. RVD invites Lynn back into the ring and holds the ropes for him before getting the crowd to applaud Lynn. RVD goes for a handshake and Lynn grabs the hand and sends RVD over the top where he crashes to the floor and into the guard rail.

Lynn catches Van Dam with a big dropkick that sends Van Dam crashing back into the barricade, before Lynn goes to the ring apron and hits a somersaulting dive to the floor on top of Van Dam. Lynn sends RVD back into the ring and goes for a pin but he's only able to get a two count. Lynn goes for the blatant choke in front of the ref but he breaks before the five count. RVD tries to fight back, sending Lynn into the corner, but Lynn connects with a big kick to the face. Lynn goes for the tornado DDT but RVD fights it off, both men go for something, but Lynn connects with a big bridging German suplex for a two count. Lynn locks in a rear chin lock.


RVD gets to his feet but Lynn yanks him back down to the mat by his hair. Lynn puts RVD's neck on the bottom rope and uses his boot to choke Van Dam against the rope. Lynn stomps away at RVD. Lynn connects with a vicious short arm clothesline that's good for another near fall. Lynn picks RVD up and tries to send him into the ropes but RVD reverses. Lynn catches RVD with a kick to the chest. Both men go for a hip toss, but RVD takes Lynn to the mat. Van Dam hits rolling thunder and gets a two count from it. Lynn sends RVD into the corner, but RVD comes right back out with a spin kick that sends Lynn to the floor.

RVD catches Lynn with a baseball slide that sends him into the guardrail. Van Dam goes to the outside, suplexes Lynn, hanging him up on the guardrail, and goes to the apron where he connects with a leaping leg drop across Lynn's back on the barricade. RVD rolls Lynn back into the ring and connects with a slingshot leg drop. RVD avoids the pin and goes up to the top instead. Lynn pushes RVD off the top rope and RVD crashes down into the barricade.

Lynn goes to the outside and rolls RVD into the ring. Lynn grabs a steel chair before rolling back into the ring. Hebner argues with Lynn about the chair. Lynn avoids a spin kick from RVD and Lynn connects with a leg drop that sends RVD head first into the chair. Lynn goes for a pin but Van Dam kicks out at two. Lynn goes outside for another steel chair. Van Dam is able to get to his feet and send Lynn into the corner. Lynn connects with a sunset bomb from the middle rope into the steel chair, but Lynn still can't keep RVD down for three.


Lynn swings with a chair, but RVD connects with a kick that sends the chair into Lynn's face. RVD goes to the top, connects with the five star frog splash, and pins Jerry Lynn for the three count.

Winner: Rob Van Dam