Samoa Joe vs. Kazarian

The bell rings and Kaz jumps Joe, beating on him in the corner. Joe turns it around and delivers a couple of hard slaps before going for the rear naked choke. Kaz drops down and slides out of the ring. Joe goes for a suicide dive but Kaz goes in the ring, Kaz goes to the ring apron and Joe pulls his feet out from under him and Kaz goes crashing to the floor. Kaz delivers a couple of forearms to Joe on the outside, but Joe digs his thumbs into Kaz's eyes before breaking the count. Kaz goes for a jumping cross body from the apron but Joe simply walks away and Kaz crashes again.

Back in the ring Kaz catches Joe with a couple of quick boots, but Joe comes right back, sending Kaz into the corner hard with a shoulder block that knocks Kaz down. Kaz goes for a springboard move but Joe catches him in an atomic drop, hits a big kick and a quick senton which is good for a near fall. Kaz is up and comes back with a couple of quick rights but Joe sits him back down with a quick running forearm. Joe hits a snapmare and a huge chop to the back, kick to the chest, and knee drop combo. Joe goes for another pin but only gets two.

Joe goes for the choke, but Kaz fights out of it, so Joe connects with a big clothesline instead. Joe picks Kaz up, shrugs off a couple of chops, and hits a few head butts. Joe puts Kaz on the top rope, and hits a big chop. Joe goes for the muscle buster, but Kaz fights it off. Kaz goes to the apron, and comes back in with a big springboard missile dropkick.

Both men get up and trade forearms, and the crowd is way behind Joe. Joe looks to get the upper hand, but Kaz slams Joe and hits a big springboard leg drop. Kaz goes back to the well and hits a springboard DDT, putting Joe down, but Kaz can only get a two count. Both men get up and Joe back drops Kaz to the apron. Kaz hits Joe with a shoulder to the gut and brings himself back in with a slingshot DDT that's good for another two count.

Joe goes up to the second rope and gets rocked by a kick to the face from Kaz. Kaz climbs up to the top, but Joe fights him off and Kaz goes to the apron. Kaz goes for another shoulder to the gut, but Joe sees it coming and connects with a big kick to the chest. Joe connects with a beautiful elbow suicida to the outside, knocking Kaz against the barricade and taking him to the floor. Joe rolls Kaz back into the ring and follows.

Joe slaps Kaz in the back repeatedly and goes for a powerbomb but Joe fights it off. Kaz goes for the reverse tombstone, but Joe reverses into a powerbomb for two. Joe goes right into the STF and cranks back in Kaz, right in the middle of the ring. Joe releases the hold when Kaz bite his finger. Kaz hits a dropkick sending Joe into the corner. Kaz goes for a splash but Joe puts him right back down with a big urunage.

Joe is finally able to lock in the rear naked choke and get his legs wrapped around Kaz's body. Kaz tries to reach for the ropes. He's eventually able to grab the ropes, and Joe pushes off the referee when he breaks. Hebner is not very happy and he argues with Joe for a bit. Joe goes for another rear naked choke, but Kaz reverses into a quick roll up and scores the three count.

Winner: Kazarian

Joe looks concerned and angry and Kaz looks relieved to be out of the ring, while we get highlights.