Bare Breasts Shown On RAW In Canada, Brand Split

– The RAW Supershow was announced by Triple H on RAW last night because the feeling is that SmackDown! needs a boost and with SmackDown stars appearing on Monday nights, hopefully it will translate into better business at live events.


– Former WWE star Vladimir Kozlov will be wrestling on the IGF show in Japan on September 3rd. He will be going under the name Alexander Kozlov. Former WWE stars David Hart Smith and Bobby Lashley will also be in action.

– Following the Brie Bella vs. Kelly Kelly match on RAW, The Score in Canada accidentally cut to a feed of Eastbound and Down. During the brief cutaway, four seconds of bare-breasted women aired. The Score then briefly cut to a Steve Austin music video featuring "Somewhere Down in Texas" by George Strait before returning to the broadcast with the Alex Riley highlight video.